Why not Butch Davis or Lane Kiffin?

These guys might have a little dirt on them but maybe that is what we need??

I think if we had hired Butch when we hired coach B we would be in way better shape.

Both are not the sexy hires, but both have wanted this Job in the past.

We need someone with a little dirt on them? You’ve got to be kidding. That aside, Kiffin as a bad idea has been discussed ad nauseum on this board. Davis has simply gotten too old to start anew. Besides, fair or not, he has that UNC dirt on him

Yes some dirt, or a dark edge to them.

I want someone that will get some fight and passion in this football program.

If we’re in the market for old and dirty, why don’t we dig up Joe Paterno and petition for the parole of J. Sandusky to be our new DC?

Since when does dirty equate to fight & passion?


Ok who do you want?

I get so frustrated with Ark fans and even media sometimes. We have just sat here for 5 years and been sold a bunch of mess. We have a product on the field that is mess…

Do you think Another team in the SEC west would just sit by and say nothing? Do you think the media covering these programs would not say anything??

We have a coach that is a blow hard, clown. He hired ast coaches that would not have been hired at Con USA schools. He was more interested in hiring coaches that would be his buddy… And he would not fire them.

We need a coach that can hire an SEC level staff! We need a coach that can recruit SEC level recruits! We need a coach that can manage an SEC roster! We need a coach with an SEC level edge!

Nothing I’ve said means we need to cheat! We need someone with a damn SEC edge!

One is too old and one is unproven, a punk that will leave you in a heartbeat

Love Butch but too old

See there. You guys cannot agree or dirt and fight. LMAO.

I have several I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t have to choose who I want to know I don’t want Lane Kiffin under any circumstances. And as has been pointed out, Butch is just too old. Your dirt comment is just unbelievable.

That is pretty ridiculous statement ?

TAM has been firing their coach for the past 2 years and he has a great record over all

Fla fired a coach that won the east div

ALL schools bitch about the teams for the stupidest thing, read the boards

It is the new world we live in now

This is spot on.

The way I see it, Bret was fools gold. As good of a hire as you could ask for, but we didn’t quite understand the Wisconsin situation and how fluid it was from coach to coach, thanks to Alvarez built infrastructure.

Bret ultimately failed with his hires. Instead of hiring guys with SEC experience and expertise, he hired to failed HCs and a laundry list of essentially NFL GAs, assistant to assistants. That is what cost him is job.
He’s a smart guy, but he made very poor choices when hiring.
His recruiting and development were also sub par.
I saw an article where he basically said he has no regrets, I call BS, he has many regrets, and they probably all date back to when he fired Chaney. Lots of talk that they butted heads because Bret wouldn’t budge off his style and philosophy, in the long run it crippled his tenure from that firing on.

I suspect both of those will be at the same schools again next season.

Bielema is a blow hard clown but you want Kiffin? Makes no sense.

Enos has been a good hire. He’s also balanced and was clearly budging from Bielema’s style and philosophy that you say caused Bielema and Chaney to butt heads. So, your post kinda contradicts itself on those things.

I would agree that his recent assistant hires have been iffy and a big reason he’s gonna be fired. But “failed” HC Enos? No.

He’s really good and will have a good job, elsewhere, quickly.

What exactly were they butting heads about? I DOnt know, that she just what I’ve been told through the grapevine.
Enos being a good hire is your opinion.

While his offensive numbers have been good, that doesn’t tell the entire story.
His play calling is and has been far to inconsistent. It goes from good to bad in a hurry. It can be very predictable, me sometimes downright dumb.

And yes, Enos is also a failed HC.


Show me an OC with an awful OL and I’ll show you an OC with “bad” play calls.

But, it’s pointless to argue with someone like you, so I’m out of this one.

My opinions isn’t based off of 1 season.
He’s not an OC that keeps DCs up at night by any mean.

SOmeone like me?
You don’t know me, and have never argued with me.

Learn to listen to others and realize there’s usually other opinions out there.

But I agree for your sake, it’s an uphill battle to argue with me.

Still waiting to see who you guys want?

It’s just not Lane or Butch…,