Why not Arkansas?


Anyone else think the Hogs can be a Final Four Team? What are they missing?

They have superlative coaching, height, depth, shooters and scorers. I guess what’s currently undetermined is the skill of their defense, team chemistry, player’s knowing their roles and ability to closeout a close win.

All of which I think they can successfully resolve as the season progresses. The sky is the limit for these Hogs! Enjoy the ride. I predict great success for our Razorbacks this season.


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Me, too. But after watching the powerful inside play of Final Four favorite Gonzaga as they whipped Kansas, I’d pump the brakes on last weekend dreams for the Hogs. If we’re playing on the second weekend, I’d say the season was a great success.

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Make the tournament first. Joe Lunardi had us first four out last week in a 68-team field, and there’s no guarantee there will be 68 teams in March – if there’s a tournament at all; Andy Katz has us in next four out. Jerry Palm has us in the field as an 11, which I would take. I’d be over-the-moon happy if we’re playing on the second weekend, but making the field at all will be a great success.

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I definitely see us as a tournament-worthy team. As far as making past the second weekend, that’s going to matter a lot on the draw we get. Lately, we, somehow, seem to end up with North Carolina–although, that might not actually be a bad matchup for us this year.

I really enjoyed our first game, can’t wait to watch the next 2, with a nice rise in competition. if covid and injuries cooperate, I could see us in the sweet 16. I’m really looking forward to watching this season.

But the FF is a mouthful. Gonzaga is really good. Izzo is Izzo. Villanova is good. Baylor and Kansas are loaded. Tennessee is loaded, but their coach tends to lose early in NCAA.

we seem a couple years away, but maybe we’ll pull a Day-Mayberry-Miller, and arrive to the party early. Those were my very favorite hog teams, especially as I was a student at UT and Tom Penders had them so excited, and Nolan just ripped their hearts out. over and over and over. 3 times in one year!

ahh, the glory days.


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I think it is too early to project anything. This team could come together for sure. We just do not now how they will play.

The tourney is all about the draw and upsets in front of you. They will not be out coached. They may be beaten by better players. Going to be fun to watch.

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How true. Any good team can have that magical tourney where every loose ball bounces there way for 4 straight games. And their shooters are on for 4 straight games. South Carolina’s run to the final four a few years ago was living proof of that. Usually though, those are very experienced teams with mostly jrs and seniors.

I really like our team, as you rightfully list, we have a lot to work with.
I watched the Zags and they are incredible, they all can shoot it from anywhere, they fly up and down the court, they play defense, they score it.
We have height, as do the Zags, but the Zags have a very physical height, very strong and tall team. I want to see our height strong physically. Zags guards are tall strong fast and physical and will shoot your eyes out.
I think we lack physical strength in some spots. Really at several spots, I really want to see us in a strong guard physical game, not physical in a pound it inside yesteryear thinking mindset, but a actual modern fast and strength at every position kinda game. I think strength, physical strength may hurt us overall. But we can shoot it a lot with a lot of people. That will win us a lot of games.

If we shoot up to our capabilities as a team from the 3 point line at Tourney time, anything is possible.

I don’t think Arkansas a legitimate Final Four contender in large part because I don’t see enough of an overall inside game to push that deep in the NCAA Tournament.

I am interested in seeing the Razorbacks play against a quality opponent as they will Saturday night.

Still a lot to learn, but I would guess they have the potential to get in the tournament and win a game or two because of their length, depth and versatility.


Like Dudley said, do we have a legit inside game. Our first game didn’t show any. There is just simply too many unknowns to know how legit this team could be. If Joe had stayed for his Junior year, I’d say we were a legit Sweet 16 if not Elite 8 team. Musselman is building this team like a NBA team, but if we don’t shoot 50% from 3, what will we do. Last season, we had some legit guys who could take the ball to the basket and get those tough layups or 10 foot jump shots. I want to see that from this team.

Also, a lot of defensive unknowns. As much as some want to discount Mike Anderson, his players are largely gone and so is their tendency for tough defense. I’m not saying Musselman doesn’t teach that himself, but that mindset was already here when he got here. Now, it’s a bunch of new guys who have not been coached by Musselman. If we can have the same defensive output to offset some eventual bad shooting nights, we can be very good.

Exactly how I see us Dudley, you have to be able to score inside and we don’t appear to have anyone who we can throw it into and be a consistent threat to score… We we’ll see with all the new parts having to come together and mesh. I think making the tournament would be a great first step.

I’m right here. I worry about lack of rebounding and easy offensive points when not in transition and hitting treys

You can’t tell anything about rebounding yet; MVSU didn’t challenge us. But we’re bigger this year and should know more about our board play after tonight.

Why would there not be a tournament? Football is going to have their Final Four version and they have missed games with Covid. The schedules will be disrupted but there should be enough games to pick a field. Now, there will probably be shakeups in what the field looks like and maybe some of the regulars don’t make it, but that is the luck of the draw and might be good for the sport. If college football can play through the situation, basketball should too. Basketball will have the benefit of better treatments the later season will provide.

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