Why no replay in regionals

Is there replay in supers? NCAA makes no sense whatsoever.

There is replay in the supers and in Omaha.

My guess is the places like Stetson that don’t have replay in the regular season couldn’t get the needed hardware to do it this fast.

Replay was a SEC thing, not a NCAA thing

absolutely the most stupid thing I have ever heard of!! have in the regular season but not when it counts the most! who was the Einstein who came up with that and who were the morons to agree with it…

Replay is an SEC thing, not an NCAA thing. I’m honestly surprised they use it in the supers. We didn’t use it in our nonconference home games.

The need for the replay ability should be moot.
Too many humans with bias, blindness or blatant gr$$d.

The kid was clearly out at first in T9. Replay would have reversed it.

That bad call would have probably made us play today without the catch of the year being pulled off…

As is the case with many NCAA decisions, it’s purely financial. Not all college teams are capable of installing a top end replay system for a regional. They did not want to put that in the bid process and eliminate some teams from hosting. Not many conferences are using replay for baseball. And, few have the high def capabilities to make such a system workable.

The NCAA knows that ESPN will put their crews in all of the eight Super Regionals and that will make replay available at that round.

There is thought that the NCAA is going to make it happen at the regional level next year.

I understand the desire to have replay. But just remember, not all schools have good camera systems and most don’t have high def. We are spoiled with what is available in the SEC because of the SEC Network and what each school has put into camera systems. Yes, it would have been available at Arkansas’ park, but not at some of the others at the regional round.

What irritated me is that our games were not shown on the SEC Network (er, at least not in Georgia). Of course, yesterday’s game with Dallas Baptist was a classic fight. I get it that the bulk of the Southeast audience has no care for DBU, but they have one of the nation’s outstanding hitters…and it was a great game to watch, with several fine plays…and would have been dandy on the alternate channel.

I understand that rationale, but it shouldn’t really matter if one regional has replay and another doesn’t. Replay makes for more accuracy, it doesn’t favor one team over another. It’s true that a bad call & Stetson wouldn’t be reviewable for technological reasons, but why should that mean a bad call should stand at Baum? A bad call is a bad call. If the idea is to get as many calls as accurate as possible, it shouldn’t matter that some regionals are more accurate than others.

Obviously we wouldn’t want calls for one team reviewable while calls for the opponent are not, but that wouldn’t be the case from regional to regional.

Oh well, the point is probably moot anyway. They’ll go to replay next year, I’m sure.

Our games weren’t shown on the SEC network in Arkansas, either. None of our games were on TV. I’m sure that will change for the super regional, but not one was on last weekend.