Why no press or pseudo press last five minutes

When behind and we let them use clock and walk it up every time?

I know Mike’s press isn’t Nolan’s but when we were finally hitting some shots and closing the gap, why let them walk the ball up the court and run clock?

Would only have led to even more wide-open shots and dunks. This team does not get a lot out of their press or double teams when they’re playing the better teams

I think you are right.

Does Mike just not believe in the Nolan press or only partially believe in it I wonder.

Is it because he still doesn’t have enough personnel to run anything beyond a half press look that only resembles a press?

When get lead down to nine with five minutes left and we play a half court game watching them walk up it seems like twilight zone.

We say we don’t run old halfcourt game, then let opponent, who is up several points, walk it up and run precious clock.

I can’t decide sometimes if it’s lack of some players still, philioopshy, or game coaching, or just unlucky sometimes.