Why no offer for Tre Norwood?

Just decommitted from Louisville after getting a ND offer. Is he not going to make his grades??

Heard he is visiting Florida as well.

For whatever reason - be it better prospects they think they are going to get or something else - Arkansas has not moved on him.

He’s a good student so that’s not it

For whatever reason - be it better prospects they think they are going to get or something else - Arkansas has not moved on him.

He’s a good student so that’s not it

Hope they are right. Forgive me if I’m skeptical given the defensive product of late.

Their evaluation skills have been less than stellar

It’s certainly a valid worry to me.

I liked what I saw of him this past spring and summer as well as this fall and even this winter (on the basketball court)

If Arkansas won the last two games I think some might think differently, but I understand the thinking.

Richard, I’m sure you’re right but it goes well beyond that for me. The defense has been poor for two seasons. Also, despite the criticism he did not recruit well, Petrino’s defensive recruiting was better than Bielema’s. Flowers, Philon, Mitchell, Turner, Gaines, Smith, etc. players that Petrino recruited and for the most part the people recruited to replace them have not been as good IMO.

So when Arkansas passes on a player at a position of need that’s a 4.0 student and has offers from Lville, Notre Dame, and is visiting Florida I wonder if the kids we are recruiting from out of state are better? Fielding good defenses earns the benefit of the doubt and fielding historically bad defenses earns the opposite.

Makes absolutely no sense to pass on an academically qualified, high-major prospect inside the state of Arkansas.

We’re out there offering players we will never get, instead. It’s like somebody’s too proud to admit a mistake.

Say Arkansas can get Curl and Calloway. Do you take Norwood instead of one of those two?

I’m not a coach/talent evaluator so I can’t provide an educated answer. What I can say is that our defenses have been poor and from top to bottom we appear to be slow and less athletic than most other teams in the conference. Hence my skepticism re: defensive recruiting.

Back to your original question I tend to look at legit offers more than rankings so, using that, Calloway appears to be a better prospect than Norwood. Curl appears to be comparable. On the other hand if Florida offers I’d argue he has better offers than either Curtis or the Florida kid we have committed.

If it’s close in terms of talent and the kid has good grades/character my preference is they take an Arkansas kid over one from out of state …means more to them.

Agreed - happened with Crockett as well. People try to refute that by saying if we offered Crockett it would have cost them Whaley which is silly because after Whaley committed they continued to recruit Porter who ended up at TX. They wanted one more at TB and could have had Crockett. Stubborn

Richard and Dudley: Here is my question. We are in it on Calloway and Curl, however, is norwood and/or Hayden Henry where if we strike out on both of these guys we can get one of them?

That has been my biggest gripe about Bielema’s recruiting: no fallback options. I get swinging for recruit A, but when you don’t get him we don’t have B or even C lined up for his replacement.

Tre attended camp at Arkansas and then Paul Rhoads watched him this season. They have evaluated him. Again, anything can happen in the world of recruiting but as of right now I don’t see them moving on him.

I would imagine that it’s his measurables that are the hold-up on an offer. Seems all sites have him listed at 5’11" and 168. Frequently, that means closer to 5’9" than 5’11".

Yesterday, on my way back from Batesville, I listened to Dr Fitz Hill on Rainwater’s radio show. He was high on Norwood and had just received a text about Notre Dame’s offer. Fitz said he felt Norwood was a high D-1 player in spite of his stature. Said his speed was certainly D-1 worthy.

I didn’t catch everything he said but a caller mentioned something about development and strength, so I assume Fitz had talked about the development topic. Obviously, it would be difficult for him to be an SEC CB at 168 lbs so that was probably what the “development” discussion was about. If he is truly 5’11", and can put on 20-25 pounds of muscle without hurting his speed, he could probably play CB in the SEC.

You do see kick and/or punt returners, and even some slot receivers with those measurables. Anyway, I wish I had caught all of the discussion with Fitz, but he did make it clear that he felt Tre was definitely a high D-1 player.

Speed is something Arkansas could use more of, right? Overemphasis of bulk has been very detrimental.

I don’t know anything about Norwood other than his reported measurables and offers. Maybe they should pull an offer from another kid to take him. IDK. Their evaluation of DBs hasn’t been good lately.

What I do know is that the first time a 5’11 168 pound kid gives up a big play the same people who are griping about us passing on him will be the same people griping that we can’t compete in the SECw by signing 5’11 168 lb in-state kids with no other SEC offers.

I graduated from Northside and always root for Northside athletes to do well. So, I wish Arkansas would recruit this young man. Something, and I have to think it’s his measurable, has them cautious of him. I’d hate to see him go to Notre Dame and have great success and Arkansas never have pulled the trigger on him. I do think–borrowing a term from the SEC–it just “means more” to Arkansas kids to go to the UofA. I do wish the young man success and happiness wherever he goes, and hope the Hogs don’t regret letting him slip away from them.

Well, right now it is numbers crunch. Don’t be surprised if Norwood and Henry are offered preferred walk-on status in the next week or so. Both need a redshirt year for development and will qualify for academic scholarships. This would be a great way to help themselves and the Arkansas football program.Stay tuned.

That would certainly be great for the Hogs. Putting myself in Tre’s parents shoes, and assuming they and Tre are huge Razorback fans, I’m not sure I would advise him to turn down a full scholarship at Notre Dame to walk on at Arkansas.