Why no McFarland

Against all these lefties?

Who would you replace to put him in the lineup? Ezell has been an on-base machine.

Dh. Goodheart hasn’t hit anything.

And here he is, but usc makes pitching change to right hander

There’s what McFarland down K. Loooing at the first pitch best one to hit.

There is why McFarland doesn’t get in the lineup. That was a bad at-bat like I saw a lot in the preseason when he got worked over by some pitchers you would expect a junior to do better against.

Maybe that’s why. Lol. Never swung at a ball and just needed to put a ball in play. Disappointingly

I seem to remember McFarland have a strikeout like that in a similar situation last year and not seeing the field for a little while afterward.

That’s just terrible. Not even a swing. Washington would have took the hacks.

Gosh that was awful AB by Mcfarland he wasn’t anymore ready to hit than I am on my couch! right down the freaking middle of the plate and sat there and watch it…we may regret not getting that run in…no excuse for it…

He might have earned some splinters with that AB. I wouldn’t use him to pinch hit!

It was against Kent State last year. Here is what I wrote:

McFarland came to the plate in the fifth inning with runners on second and third, two outs and the Razorbacks trailing 4-2.

He never swung in four pitches and watched a 1-2 fastball on the outside edge that was called for strike three. Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn called the at-bat “passive” and lectured McFarland about it when he came back to the dugout.

“Dave was very honest with him and kind of let him have it,” Thompson said. “Sometimes that’s what it takes to get a guy to go, ‘You know what, I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to let it play and let it rip, and see where the chips fall.’”

I remember that now. I was ticked off then too! There’s just no excuse for watching
And going down without taking your cuts.
Now leading off he gets a hit. No pressure there.

much better that time way to reeem yourself Jordan.

I wouldn’t put it into those words. There’s no excuse for that first horrible AB he had.
I’m proud of the hit.

The story Matt just told is vintage Dave. Several years ago my childhood friends son played for the Hogs. He led the team in HR’s that year. Me & the wife was in Knoxville to see the Hogs play the Vols. My friends son had an AB just like Matt described. I told my wife Dave would yank him after that AB. And he did. My wife was mad at DVH. I got it.

He did get a hit.