Why No Gabe Tonight?

I figured we’d use him against the MN bigs tonight to wear them down more. I wonder why he didn’t play?

Gafford and Thompson sharing the 5.
Thomas, Bailey, and Cook sharing the 4.

I like Gabe but it’s hard to play 6 in two spots. He may be this years CJ Jones in that he’s odd man out for now. The way it’s looking right now 4/5 of those guys playing won’t be here next year.

Comments: You think, you got six seniors and two of the six set out and fair number of games this season. Mike is trying to get Cook and Thomas in game shape before conference season rolls around. Gabe will have to get his minutes through clean up going forward, unless one of the other fours foul out or injured this isn’t his time. Knowing Mike he will push his seniors hard and two are behind due to suspensions

Thought both seniors played well. If they continue to play their roles as well as they did in this game bodes well. Neither has a real high ceiling but did protect the scorers. Thomas for first five minutes played best I can recall in his hog career. Kudos.