Why move the LSU game but not ours?

Just wondering.

Lsu wasn’t moved bc of rain but rather bc of possibility of cat 3 hitting its coast.

La is more a Direct hit, where AL on the outskirts of it

Yep, we had about 90mph winds last night, widespread power loss, etc. in Lafayette, could have easily jogged a little east and done the same to BR

Because they aren’t even comparable situations.

The hurricane forecast kept moving west all week. There was thought it might come on shore in Alabama several days out, but by the end the threat was near the Louisiana/Texas line.

The threat in Auburn today is thunderstorms.

Because football can be played in the rain

My football career was limited to Jr. High (mostly on the bench). But we played at Perryville or Joe T. Robinson in a heavy rain storm. Never had more fun playing football. Except the play I was on the bottom of the pile with my nose under water.

If we had Auburn at home and the same weather was heading to Fayetteville, we would be playing at Auburn.

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