Why Malzahn would Leave.....Interesting Take

http://hitthatline.com/malzahn-to-hogs- … -possible/

Andy Hodges doesn’t know nearly as much as he thinks he does. Could he accidentally be right? Yeah, but a broken clock is right twice a day. And _ally _all is right twice a decade.

Be intereted to see if Michelle McKenna-Doyle becomes the AD at Auburn, which I’m thinking would be the 1st female AD in SEC?

That often?

I think his take is as close to being accurate as anyone else’s…likely closer than most.

Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good read, I wonder who the drunk uncle is? Pat Dye maybe?

Enjoyable read, but I have no idea how accurate it is. I’ve heard enough rumors, however, to believe Malzahn may in fact be our #1 target & that he is unhappy enough at Auburn to accept. But rumors can have substance or they can be all smoke.

I’m still not happy with the idea of bringing someone in who’ll be divisive from the get go & who might not be nearly as capable of recruiting as some give him credit for. If he turns out to be our coach, I’ll support him, but it won’t be because I like the thought of hiring him.

Got to be.


Jeff gives -ally way too much credit! :shock:

I’ll never ride the Bus–help me remember that, please.

That said, I am so impressed with Gus’ defense. He being an offensive mind, it says a lot for him to reach out and obtain a DC who can get players and develop scheme to have a great defense for the SEC.

If he brings a sound defense to Arkansas, hey! That wins games. A good defense will stop Bama in this year’s Iron Bowl–IMO.

I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.

I’m with you in that I will support whoever the coach is but I’m not a Gus fan at all so this will be hard for me. I think this article misses on some rumor details that are stirring.