Why Kamren Curl is in line to start

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Went back and looked at the tape from Saturday again. Targeted 7 times in man coverage, allowed 2 catches for 18 yards with 1 PBU. A few other passes, mostly near the LOS, should’ve probably been completed but were either dropped or poorly thrown.

Obviously he, Chevin and Britto will have to be prepared for TCU to target them Saturday.

he’s got great feet and I am sure we will have some extra help behind him,bend dont break this week,give them all the short stuff they want

This is why he came here. He knew we needed secondary help in a bad way. Hate it that his opportunity came about this way, but I am excited to see him play. He may be in for a tough night, but it will help prepare him for the Aggies.

I agree he’ll probably get some extra help.

It’ll be interesting to see how they split up the reps. They want to use all 4 corners to keep them fresh, but in the heat of the game I’d be surprised if Toliver came off the field much. The snaps at the other spot will be interesting to watch.

If Curl plays well, I think he plays most of the snaps. If he struggles, it’ll be interesting to see if Britto or Chevin get the call. Britto has said he isn’t all the way back to where he was pre-injury and I thought you could sort of tell Thursday. Obviously they think Chevin will be really good but he hasn’t been as consistent as Curl so far and doesn’t have the size.

It is tough to sub at corner. You know that one mistake caused by inexperience could lead to a touchdown. But, I don’t think there is a lot of difference between the others. I do think Kevin Richardson could get a snap or two there, too. It would make sense that they are in a lot of nickel and that is Kevin’s bread-and-butter. If they can play base, maybe he can help at corner. But this is a key area to watch Saturday night.

TCU will sub in a lot of wide receivers and run lots of deep routes. That wears down corners. That’s one reason I expect Arkansas to sub some at corner. How much? That’s a guess.