Why its not totally over

The narrative and mood seems to be that its over. Bielema will be fired. No matter what. No way around it.

But I think he saves his job if he wins 2 out of the last 3. And while that’s a long shot…its not impossible. And because I ALWAYS want to Hogs to win…that’s what I am hoping for.

Yes, our defense looked terrible the last few weeks. They aren’t good. No way to sugarcoat it. But, the offense is starting to show signs. Here’s my thoughts on the 3 remaining games.

LSU - Clay is right. LSU should dominate both LOS’s. They did play well against Bama yesterday. But you know who they DIDN’T play well against? Troy. I watched that game with my own eyes with a group of ticked-off LSU fans who wanted Coach O fired right then. Troy didn’t beat LSU in flukey fashion. They dominated them. Ran it down their throat. And threw it. It was surreal. LSU has improved since then and probably will play good defense against us. But they have shown they are capable of allowing teams to move the ball. Plus, their offense is perfectly capable of laying a big egg. Their QB is NOT good. He can be streaky…but one of those streaks is bad. Finally, we usually play LSU well. No matter the record. So…I don’t see this game as impossible. Not a likely win. But not impossible.

Miss St. - Yes, they have a great QB. But just YESTERDAY they struggled against UMass…a team that LOST to Coastal Carolina. It looked for a good while like UMass just might upset them. Yes, I see them scoring a bunch on our defense. But I also can see us scoring alot on them. This could be an old fashioned shootout…with the team with the ball last winning the game. We also get them at home…which even if our crowd is smaller than usual, at least THEY won’t be at home with their god forsaken cowbells.

Mizzou - If we win one of the former…a huge if…but if we do…then I see this as very winnable. Most on this board may dislike Bret. But the kids still love him…and if its a save coach’s job game…I see us beating Mizzou. Mizzou will light up our secondary. No doubt. But I also don’t see them stopping us. Especially now that the o-line is gelling a little (albeit against weaker opposition…but that’s what Mizzou will be) and all three backs are playing well. (Lost in the shuffle with TJ going off was Devwah looking better than he has all year).

All of this is predicated on Austin Allen coming back and playing like his old self OR Cole playing so well Austin can’t get back on the field. If one of those don’t happen…no chance.

I know I will be called a homer. A sunshine pumper. Whatever. I am not predicting we win 2 of the last 3. But I AM saying its possible.

And to stop hoping for wins does a disservice to the kids on the team, IMO.

Woo Pig (and yes Rainwater, Bret said that on his SEC interview. Dude…wake up.).

I’m right there with you. I actually think most on this board do like CBB, they just don’t like losing. Winning fixes everything. Finish 2-3, and most fans would be fine with CBB returning. They may not be fully on the bandwagon, but they would consider climbing on board.

I live in Baton Rouge, so I’ll speak to the early struggles for LSU:

  1. It had to do w/depth in the front 7 of the defense. They had injuries and suspensions that took away depth

  2. Guice was injured

  3. Their special teams, namely their punter and FG kicker we’re struggling big time early on

None of that exists now. They will destroy us, and yes, I’ll be at the game cheering for my beloved Hogs. Etling will have a field day against our DB’s with all of the one on one matchups their offensive system creates. And their WR sweep will run wild.

Don’t know much about MS St, other than their QB will most likely run for 200+ yards and score 40+.

Missouri, that’s my only hope.

It just amazes me that all these fair weather fans choose to ignore the fact this is a very young Hog team with a lot of young talent, just not enough to offset all the injuries to key players. We have lost out best CB, our best offensive lineman, our best QB for a third of the season, and our best receiver. Coach BB has taken us to 3 straight bowls, winning two of them. Why does he not deserve, seeing the number of injuries and the youth, the chance to keep building this program?

He’ll be back
Long will allow one losing season
Heat on next year

Your analysis is great!

There’s a reason they play the game.

I have lost track of how many “impossible” games the Hogs could never win or the games where the Hogs would be dominated and had no chance – and yet the Hogs either kept the game surprisingly close or in some cases actually won the game.

Win 2 of 3 and go bowling, and I do think Bielema gets one more year. I suspect he’d have to win 8 or 9 next season.

I did think 5-7 might save Bielema, but not after yesterday.

Because his highest win total after five years is 8 games?

Because he’s won 1/3 of his SEC games?

When you say “keep building the program” what exactly has he built?

Exactly! I feel like I’ve changed sides bc back when the “darksiders” all pressed for HDN to get fired, I was against it. He took us to some big wins and at least competed for championships. Bret has the program going backwards. At least Houston had a NCAA investigation to blame. Bret has always said, year 5 would be a good marker for him. Well, I’m pretty sure this team would get smoked by his first team that didn’t win a conference game. Trench recruiting has suffered and outside of Agim, its bad on both sides. We don’t need another year of hoping to get bowl eligible.

I must say I admire your loyalty to CBB. I wish I had your optimism. I also wish we had a coach that is as good at coaching as he is a person. I wish he could turn the tide and win out, then at least be competitive against power 5 teams in 2018. The past five years history, while having a couple of bright spots, is mostly dim and uninspiring, particularly the last two seasons where he is 5-11 against power 5 schools. You speak of disservice to the team but what about the disservice to a fan base, many of which sacrifice thousand of dollars each year and spend many hours getting to and from games, just to witness bad football? We’ve experienced several beat downs this year and I expect a couple of more over the next two weeks. There is some decent talent on this year’s team but also weakness at many key positions that other good coaches exploit. I hate it for the players that play their hearts out, like Santos and Richardson. Nonetheless, there is no doubt in my mind (and there has been no doubt in my mind since the TAMU game this year) a coaching change is very necessary. If Long keeps him on for another year, the pain will just be extended. I understand it’s a business decision for Long but I don’t know that he has an understanding of what it means to be a lifelong Razorback fan and see the team we have invested in emotionally and monetarily for our entire lives perform so poorly. I wish it wasn’t in this condition but it is what it is.

As the late great Sam Cook said, A change is gonna come.

If a change doesn’t occur sure will b a lot of empty seats next, like it was Sat.

Good post Hogmaestro. Can’t argue with a word of it. I do think the odds of winning 2 of 3 are very slim though.

I believe the coaches and players are confused about their ability to execute at the SEC (and D2) level. They do not look like a team that is improving as the season goes along. Therefore, I think the odds of losing all three are quite high.

Five years of Bielema ball is enough, doesn’t matter if the Hogs somehow win the next three, Bielema should be fired immediately after the Missouri game.