Why isn’t devo

Ever in any nba draft talk? He better than smith at this point. Great defense, shot has gotten better, makes tougher shots and handles the ball better than smith.

It is all based on potential. I assume they see Devo as a good college player who has maxed out his game and they see Smith, when he was healthy, with much greater potential than Devo. Unless Smith’s knee problems are permanent, his struggles this season will only hurt their opinion of his potential a little, I think.


We need Devo to be the 1st guy to play 4 years for Muss and eventually be the head Hog.
He will make an awesome coach.


Can he play the NBA season with the even consistency needed as a journeyman? I don’t know. Think of Beverly…does he have that diversity…? I think he has a future overseas where he might be the glue for a European team similar to the one they played against in Lake Como. I wonder if he can do the graduate assistant route as a way to a career in coaching…I thought that as an alternative for Kamani. They both have a knack for developing a skill to the point it has high value…can they teach? They both seem to be held in high regard by both the 6 freshmen and the transfers. Plenty of maturity considering what they have gone through from last year until now.

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I agree with Jeremy. I want Devo to stay another year and be the leader next year for our team. Nil will be kind to him. His future is bright. He and Muss are very close!


Devo has improved in so many ways from his freshman season to now. He has had to do more
this season than what any of the fans could expect! He can score and take over a game we witnessed that yesterday. I hope there’s enough talent around him next season that he can have fun and win. He has worked his tail off! He makes mistakes like all of us! He also leaves it all out on the floor. He is all hog and he’ll be back that’s just my opinion. I hope TB comes back and we are able to watch them play together.


That will be a pleasant surprise if it happens. He is going pro.

I love the Hogs and follow the NBA closely…Devo’s ceiling is about a Patrick Beverly. Maybe he goes to Europe and gets a shot, but he’s not an NBA player. Just like most kids aren’t college players…Hope he’ll come back for another year, crush some NIL deals and have a great life…Love the guy

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Now his time to prove his worth for NBA scouts & GM’s, as many noticed him this weekend. I just hope he continues to play within himself and provide great leadership. His game has always been better in the NCAA’s, and many NBA guys caught someone’s attention in the tourney. One thing he’s shown is that he can be a leader on a team with lottery picks/ extremely talented guys.

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It’s going to be a hard path to the NBA. The ball handling and outside shooting have been the problems. He’s made some nice strides on shooting threes this year. He’s still got work to do on those two weaknesses in his game to play in the NBA. I think the path is slightly clearer now than at the beginning of the season, and the path to make good money playing pro basketball some place is looking much firmer.

I will be very surprised if he comes back. If that was ever a possibility it became quite unlikely after he scored 21 points in the second half Saturday.

They say cash in when the iron is hot. The iron is hot right now for Devo… It may not be next year. Notching is guaranteed. It will be interesting to see what he does.

If he does come back, he will be our best player next year.

Devo’s path to the pros is as a 3-and-D, IMO, and he doesn’t shoot the trey well enough to do that.

We have one of the youngest teams in college ball and probably 90% of the scoring will be gone after this year… all typical Hog luck.

I could see Devo doing quite well for himself over seas professionally. If he doesn’t see much attention from the pros, it might not be such a bad idea to stay one more year–provided he can secure some good NIL money. A young man who is as beloved as he is in the state of Arkansas could probably do quite well for himself in business with a little bit of seed money to start out.

Whether he stays or goes, the pleasure was certainly ours to bear witness to his maturation.

He’s got some already. His NIL agent is Judy Henry, who used to be Sam’s agent.


That’s fantastic!

I suppose NIL could actually help with retention of players like Devo for an additional year or two. I hadn’t really thought about it until this thread.

I’d be stunned if Devo returns. He will make a bunch over seas. And he might elevate.

Should he come back? Maybe.

I just am speculating that he is going pro when this is done.

Is he an NBA player right now? I don’t know. But he is a pro.


Nailed it Clay.

Drew Timme came back to Gonzaga because he had a ton of NIL, and because, like Devo, he’s not exactly what the NBA is looking for. Same for Oscar at UK, actually.

I think it’s doubtful he’d come back but I don’t necessarily agree Clay that he’d make a “bunch overseas”. Notae got a deal for $80 - $90K from what I heard from our staff. Devo could definitely make that or more by staying at the UofA.

I think the bigger issue is he may want to start a career, not have to go to class etc. But I believe the $ would be better by staying vs. leaving.