Why is there a story about Nebraska and Arkansas State on the Arkansas football page

This makes no sense.

That idiot Smally Hall included A-State in a segment about the SEC just to get a rise out of readers. If he could have risen an inch every time he tried to get a rise out of his readers, the man would be taller than the giant in jack and the beanstalk.

To be honest ASU played their butts off at Nebraska last night. Probably better than we would have. They deserve the news coverage. I like their coach.

I watched most of the second half of that game. ASU played very well but Nebraska has major defensive issues. I sure wouldn’t bet on Nebraska winning more B1G games than Maryland does. Also, ex-Hog Kendrick Edwards caught a TD pass for ASWho.

It still makes no sense to put any story about them on the hog site.

Everyone has the right to like whoever they want to like, but what is your basis for claiming they played Neb “probably better than we would have”? That implies they’re better than we are. I suppose that could be true, but I’d sure love to hear why you think so.

they played hard.
it was impressive.

like it or not… the gap is closing.

ASwho is very capable of staying of field with the university of arkansas at fayetteville
has been since the motorcycle wreck

putting game coverage on the Arkansas page is yet another shot across the bow of those that cheer for the university of arkansas at fayetteville.

i really dont get it.

This web site is owned by the same company that owns the ADG so I think there is always going to be some cross pollonization of articles. Probably nothing nefarious about it.

As for my previous comments, I have seen no evidence in the last couple of years that we would play Nebraska within 7 points in Lincoln. I hope I am proven wrong this year.

I don’t see a story about the ASU-Nebraska game on this site.

There was a story by a certain sports editor that was previewing the SEC before the weekend and it was titled that way. The editor being referenced included a preview of A-State and Nebraska. It was the only non-SEC school in the story. I’m certain it was to get a reaction from Arkansas RAZORBACK fans.

Wally’s predictions have always had ASU games.

You missed the point Matt. The story was titled SEC predictions. Unless something happened, A-State is nowhere near the SEC.

In the last couple of years we’ve beaten LSU in Baton Rouge, Ole Miss in Oxford, TCU in Ft. Worth, Tenn in Knoxville. Nebraska hasn’t been as good the past 5-6 years as it has been in the past. If you’re going by last year’s results, ASU went undefeated in the Sunbelt, but lost to UCA, Memphis & every other non-sunbelt team they played last year (other than whatever mid-major they beat in a bowl.) It has not beaten a team from the P5 since it beat A&M (3-8 that year, I believe) in about 2007.

I’m not taking anything away from ASU’s game. They almost won. But let’s don’t act like we’d have done no better than that. Maybe we would have maybe we wouldn’t have, but history says we would. We’ll have a better idea about this season after it’s more than a week old, though.

The story was titled “Expect SEC to show its might in first week.” Nowhere did it say it was an all-SEC prediction column.

As someone posted earlier, there will be some crossover that includes Arkansas State (and UCA, UALR, UAPB, etc.) because the newspaper covers all the teams and we run newspaper-generated content on this site. Wally’s column on Fridays during football season almost always includes a prediction on the Arkansas State game. It centers mostly around SEC, but not exclusively. I’ll bet it includes Ohio State-Oklahoma this week.

Please people. It’s ASU-Jonesboro. Get it right.

Ok Matt, you got me on a technicality. The title was certainly misleading and the game in discussion was the ONLY non-SEC game in the article. I stand by my position he does it just to needle Razorback fans.

kendrick Edwards is taking advantage of his second chance in Jonesboogie. He looked good and they gave Nebraska all they wanted with a chance to tie with 2 seconds left.

Why is there a thread about ASU-Jonesboro/Nebraska on the Hog board?

Apparently wholehogsports is not wholehogsports!
That’s the point.

Just eliminate any Wally article and any article including the phrase “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville” from this board, and it will be truly “Whole Hog Sports”.