why is our game not listed on Watchespn??

not on there!

I found it. It is not on the current list, but it is on the upcoming games list on SEC Network +.

i will check again thanks,doesn’t show up on my upcoming

Well it’s actually not showing up for me either

Not under baseball, upcoming
Not under SEC+

Now I can’t find it either. :evil:

don’t know Marty is seeing that,definitely not on mine.this is ridiculous!!!wait it just showed up on live now!!

And now it appeared again, but I get an “Unable to play video” error.

I hate this garbage. I had to sign out of my Fire TV account and log back in.

Now I seem to have it up, I have the Your Event is about to Begin screen.

It finally came up for me just before start

I had it on at game time. SECnetwork+.
Worked great until the last couple innings. Froze up several times. But finished well for the last inning.
Watched last night on WatchESPN. worked great the whole game. Only problem was having to listen to the Ole Miss homer.
I listened to the game on iHeart radio, (The ticket 92.1). But they were at least a full batter ahead of WatchESPN telecast.

Each school has its own way of doing these games. I think Arkansas does a little bit of a pregame show and comes on the air five minutes before game time. For Ole Miss, it’s a cold open, which means the standby screen is going to stay on basically until the first pitch.

I have always seen your game will be starting soon screen but for some reason the game was even on the list until about 1 minute before we started