Why is Oklahoma State not a 3 seed if

…Arkansas is a 3 seed? I don’t get it. Compare resumes.

The same reason Houston is a 2 seed! Too much eye candy or eye test. Mid majors get too much credit. Ask yourself this question who on earth did Michigan State get in? Why does the WCC deserve or earn 2 bids! How did the ACC get 7 teams in in what was a down year? Syracuse is a joke!
The Dance is entertainment and I’m going to enjoy watching the games. Our hogs are a part of it and I’m proud.

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The other three 3 seeds are all from the Little Dozen. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Also Okie Lite has two bad losses; they got swept by TCU. I suspect that may be it. Blame the Frogs.

Good analysis there

Army, I love when your rants contradict themselves. Midmajors get too much credit and the ACC shouldn’t have gotten seven teams. Who’s gonna get in if the ACC doesn’t get seven? Another midmajor (and the ACC would have gotten eight if Georgetown and Oregon State hadn’t stolen bids).

Teams are on the bubble because they haven’t done enough to lock down a bid. Louisville didn’t lock one down. Neither did Ole Miss. Neither did Colorado State or Saint Louis.

I knew BYU was going to be tough when they got Matt Haarms to transfer from Purdue. They had one bad loss at Pepperdine, otherwise they only lost to USC and Gonzaga.

explain how Houston is a 2 seed?
Justify how Michigan State got in?
The bad loss thing sure didn’t hurt Houston! All the junk they use to put I. Or exclude teams is used against one and not held against the others!
Next season there’s no reason for this to be repeated. A complete body of work should be don’t by all the teams!

I’m just proud Duke and Kentucky can sit at home and watch while flipping channels between games!

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I think OSU should have been a 3 seed and West Virginia a 4. OSU beat them twice in the past couple of weeks

You’re consistent, Army. You will complain no matter what.

I think you’ve said this before. The committee gives very little regard to conference tournaments. Arkansas, OK St, and LSU would be examples. Arkansas ended the season with 9 straight wins, all SEC games that included wins over Bama, LSU, FL, and MO. When we didn’t lose our 1st Tourney game to MO, I think that cemented our spot as the #1 or 2, 3 seed. If they looked close at all team situations, they may have noticed that our only loss in the SEC tourney was without Williams?

Poor LSU, who beat us and then came within a missed last 2nd point blank shot of beating Bama. They end up with an 8 seed - pathetic, unless you consider the committee doesn’t give much regard to the conference tournaments.

OK St was sitting as a probable 5 seed before their conference tournament run.

Michigan State has wins over two #1seeds and one #2 seed. They have a chance to be a Cinderella this year. I am glad they are not in our quarter.

Izzo’s too good a coach not to get them going at some point, even if they’re a little light on talent this year. I’m glad they’re not in our region too.

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