Why is Jerry Jones fighting so hard to keep Elliott on the field?

The answer: Losing one all-pro RB hurts the team. It affects the offense. When the offense cannot maintain drives, it affects the defense.

How much did losing Rawleigh Williams, an all-SEC RB, affect the Hogs this year?

Then we lost our best DB… then our best and only experienced WR, then… and on and on and on.

I know I’m wasting my time, but I’m just venting…

I really think we’re making a mistake firing Bielema. I have more confidence in CBB turning things around than the next coach, whoever it might be.

Yes, the 4th down call last week should be questioned, but what coach hasn’t had a call questioned. He was desperate for a win. No matter the coach, calls are questions when you lose a close game. Didn’t Petrino call a similar play on a 4th and short vs. LSU in his first year? It worked, but had it not…

Yes, the defense is bad this year and we’ve had horrible losses. That’s why we switched to the 3-4. It takes time and recruiting. It was the best decision for 2018, not 2017. We’ve shown improvement on D over the last 2 games.

How many active coaches have 3 11+ wins in a P5?

How many have 4 10+ win P5 seasons?

How may have 3 P5 championships?

It hasn’t happened for CBB at Arkansas, but it could. It’s my argument that he’s had some bad luck here.

Should CBB go on to a Nebraska or UCLA, schools that know him as a Rose Bowl coach, he’ll likely make us regret firing him. I’ll bet you that he’ll be a hall of fame coach at the end of his career. With his Wisc results in the books, he’s well on his way.

What are the odds of hiring the next hall-of-fame coach? CBB is well on his way.

How close was he at Arkansas?

2014: 7-6 record. Defense was #2 (if memory recalls) scoring defense in the country over the last half of season. Not only beat #20 LSU and #8 Ole Miss, but shut them out 17-0 and 30-0.

2014 bad luck:

  1. A&M Game: Skipper trip cost us game. Lost in OT.
  2. Bama Game: Missed extra point. Walker drops ball as he was crossing goal line. Lost 13-14.

That’s why Long gave Bielema the extension. We had a great D. We should have beaten Bama and A&M. Had a couple of breaks not gone against us, we would have finished 9-4 with a win vs. Bama. The future looked bright.

2015: 8-5 record. Offense 466 ypg, more than any year than Mallett’s Sugar Bowl year. Won 6 of last 7, after BA learned to finish a game vs. Auburn in 4OT.

2015 Bad luck: Up 2 TD vs. A&M. One our best DB’s (don’t remember which) get’s hit by a football in his eye while standing on the sideline. Without him, A&M beats us deep a couple of times to tie the game. We lose in OT.

2016: D struggled but still on our way to 9 wins, but collapse vs. Mizzou and VT.

2016 bad luck vs. Mizzou:

  1. 24-7 going into half and miss a 35-yard FG.
  2. Mizzou scores to open 2nd half.
    d. Drive 66 yards to Mizzou 3. Allen throws INT.
  3. Momentum swings.
  4. Drive to 5 later in game, but fail to score.

2016 bad luck vs. VT:

  1. 24-0 halftime lead.
  2. Fumble on 3 of first 4 2nd half possessions.
  3. Plus, Morgan scores on long play but fumbles and ball goes through the endzone. Instead of it being recorded as a 4th fumble, the play is wiped out and the ball is place at the original line of scrimmage. We end up punting. Had Morgan not reached for the goal line and fumbled, TD, and momentum swings back in our direction.

For contrast, Malzahn had lost 10 of last 12 SEC games stretching from the end of 2014 until the 2016 LSU game. Either Miles or Malzahn would be fired at the end of the game. LSU appeared to have won, but the replay showed the snap was late on the winning TD. Malzahn survived and Miles was fired… by a fraction of a second. If not for a fraction of a second, Malzahn would have been an OC somewhere. He got that 2nd chance, and now he’s in the hunt for the NC.

Bottom line, minus 2017, CBB had us trending upwards. Had it not been for some bad luck, we’d be satisfied and he’d get a pass for 2017. I think he still deserves it.

As I said, I’m just venting. I know he’s going to be fired due to a lack of fan support. However, I don’t think it’s the best thing for the program long-term. We’ve made a big investment in CBB, he’s only 47, and he’s won multiple P5 championships before. I think the best long-term decision is to give him another year.

Makes good sense. However he has used all his chances. This year was a cluster. Nothing good happened and with the carry over from last year it is too much to handle. I was the last man standing a few weeks ago and fell over after coastal and LSU.

I agree about the bad luck streak but I think every losing team has at least 50% of what you outlined. He will be a better coach at his next stop. I like him a lot. I hope he does well.

You make some valid points that are factual. I have stood by CBB since he arrived & I do believe he will be a good Coach somewhere else as well.
Bad timing to come here, bad luck with breaks in games, bad luck with injuries, bad luck having to play ranked SEC teams constantly-4 top 10 teams with 2 top 5 teams in one stretch one year.
But the losses in non conference to lower tier teams & the fact that he couldn’t pull out any of the close games against A&M. That game always seemed to deflate the players, the fans, the whole state. Bama same thing, he had chances to beat them, here & there but couldn’t pull it off. Just got to get those 1 or 2 wins that put you over the hump, you can only have so many close but no cigar chances.
UofA could very well be making a mistake, from the looks of things & the power play moves going about it has everybody nervous. Look no further than this board.
I don’t think Gus is the answer.

I’ll give my opinion why this year turned out the way it did in Friday’s column. It’s not an anti-Bielema or give Bielema another year type of deal, but why I believe this year probably wasn’t going to be a good year from the very beginning.

Can’t wait to read your piece, RD!

Sorry, I left out it’s not anti in my post. I should’ve written awhile back, but didn’t look at it close enough.

I like Coach Bielema, but he just isn’t a good fit at Arkansas. He has had some bad luck while he has been here, but he couldn’t have asked for better luck than he got in the game against Mississippi State and he still found a way to lose the game.


I like Coach Bielema, but he just isn’t a good fit at Arkansas.
[/quote]I used to think it was a “fit” issue, but no more. What’s amazing is Wisconsin’s five year record without Bielema. That says a lot to me.