Why is it since we joined SEC

We have been competitive in practically every sport EXCEPT FOOTBALL! We have had good teams in baseball, basketball both men’s and women’s, track men’s and women’s, cross country, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer and just recently softball! So what is the deal with FOOTBALL! I was telling my wife yesterday I am glad Frank is gone, he would be totally embarrassed to say the least! I can’t tell since we were so terrible this year if it is coaches, players, or both! I know that as I watched yesterday Ty was making mistakes you see in the first game not the 12th! Connor Noland is a much better QB than TY and should have been starter a month ago. If our coaches can’t see that we are in a long struggle no matter how good our recruiting class is!

So you want to burn Noland’s redshirt so we can go 4-8 instead of 2-10? Or maybe still go 2-10? This season has been a lost cause since the CSU game, really. Better to have a fifth-year senior CN than waste a year that has already swirled down the tubes. I agree he’s more talented than TS but I didn’t see anything yesterday to indicate he would have produced more wins.

You play to win games period whether it burns a redshirt or not. Kid should have been made starting qb 4th or 5 th game if not before.

Let’s hope he doesn’t redshirt this incoming class to save a redshirt.

It was apparent Nolan had the better arm than story. Plus, if by chance we sign Bryant, or another transfer, he won’t see the field much next year. Then year after he will have to fight off a true running/passing qb that was hand picked by Morris.

I’ve thought the same - That would be a great study

  1. Arkansas image is poor - you look into an out of sate history book the only mention of Arkansas is Central High School - doesn’t make you appear to be safe for people of color
  2. Arkansas image as rural, backward and as the butt of jokes persist
  3. Arkansas small recruiting pool - lots of home Arkansas football talent isn’t playing football but basket ball - a cultural shift from the popularity of football
  4. Arkansas loss of connection with the state of Texas in recruiting (That’s getting fixed)
  5. Arkansas leadership incompetence - that’s a whole other story - look at the series of poor fit coaches - and how it ended with HDN hurt us
  6. Arkansas playing two games away from campus each year - we need to cancel the Jerry World game go Home and Home with TAMU and the WMS game needs to be resolved
  7. Arkansas isn’t a charter member of the SEC and I know people say it doesn’t matter - Oh Yes it does esply for scheduling and Official basis
  8. Arkansas and the last SEC expansion - Arkansas is now simply a filler because Texas A&M is the Big program that makes Arkansas small in decision making and accommodations with the powers that be in the SEC

And Most importantly:

  1. Arkansas plays in the SEC West where Football is the only game that matters so they really don’t care about those other sports we can brag all day about how good we are them - in the SEC -Nobody cares except those who play

Ill edit and add,

  1. Arkansas plays in the SEC West; the toughest Football Division in the Toughest Football Conference in America -

That’s simply IMHO

Razorwill you are exactly right and unless CM turns this completely around NEXT YEAR fans will get all over him and our AD!

Good point blue grass. You always seem to cut through the garbage so to speak!

TYSM - gets me in trouble sometimes -

Arkansas has a long road ahead - but I look at UK - a proverbial cellar dweller in the SEC and I see an improved and respectable program - BTW - it started with recruiting at UK and coach Morris looks to be 2-3 years ahead of UK Mark Stoops in recruiting because I do not think Coach Stoops was ranked first year in recruiting at all - Coach Morris is!

There was absolutely no valid reason to play Connor more than 4 games in my opinion.

I said it from day one and still believe it.

Arkansas should have won four games - including the Colorado State and Ole Miss ones.

Coaching decision kept Colorado State from happening and injuries to Ty Storey and Rakeem Bpyd kept the other from happening.

But they were no better than a 4-win team.

Your note clearly supports a Coaching grade of F- Failure that is totally unacceptable

water under the bridge now - on to recruiting, Basketball, Baseball and Next year

Some Woodford Double Oaked Bourbon for the Bluegrass will distract too - makes me sleepy

Since 1898 we have had like one decade of national excellence in 1960s, decent play in mostly late 70s, more solid play and national respect in ‘80s, and short of like 7 seasons, very little for almost 40 years.

And we think if only we had a Knute Rockne type who is better at getting mediocre talent to beat great Talent will we ever be great.

How’s that working?

I doubt great coaches hoped to prove their metal with poor talent.

They got the best.

What if we tried that too?

We just disagree. True freshmen qbs have played all over the country. Story and Kelly are not sec qbs period.