why is Gerald only a 3* that's a joke

for the life of me I don’t understand what these guys are looking at!! Gerald is as good as any 5* out there and the same for Connor Noland!! I will always go back to what I’ve said if I could give these guys blank tapes and they didn’t know who was recruiting them,they would miss quite a few of on the 5*…glad we have Gerald he and Agim are what you look for in SEC DL and if The big DT we signed can play early we are going to be looking good up front!

If you look at his first play on his hudl tape, it looks like he hurts the qb. Dude is a monster!

It’s like we got a 5 star. That’s all that matters.

Jucos get graded differently.

Kid is a 5 star.

Same way with Boyd, when he came out of high school he was a 4 star but a 3 star coming out in J.C.

Juco get graded a lot differently from some reason

He’s not going to play the same against Sec competition that he did in Junior college. I’m glad we have him but I also know it’s a whole new ballgame for him now and I’ll take the wait and see approach. WPS

Yes, I think their success against JC competition leaves those who award stars a little uncertain. Someone also told me once that they grade based on predicted contribution to the team, and JC transfers who will play for 2 years are not as valuable as freshmen who will play for 4. Don’t know if that’s true or not.

I respect people who don’t go with the flow and rank kids they way they see fit. May not agree with it, but I respect it.

I feel the same with colleges that stick with they’re own evaluation and offer a kid that has few offers (Andrew Parker) or don’t offer a kid that has every school in the nation after them.

Basketball JC’s are the same way, basically. Barford and Macon were top 5 players in the country coming out of junior college. They’re really good players for us, but it’s not the same as getting a top 5 high school player.

They are based mostly on potential, but certainly not on predicted contribution to a team as they don’t know where the kid will sign.

There are numerous cases of prospects being bumped up after they commit or sign to a certain school.

Dee-Gee (& I don’t mean Dollar General) will be a FORCE! Our staff did an excellent job selling the program to him and landing him (get the net!!!)