Why in the heck did DVH pull Knight?

Dude was pitching great after a tough start. Only 76 pitches. Now TENN is lighting up the pitchers. SMH

I wondered as well.

Don’t know if there might have been a health issue?

I have no idea why he changed, but it might have had to do with the forecast. If he noticed anything wrong with Knight’s pitching and the strong possibility this could have been a shortened game with no chance for a second game, it was the smart call. Right now it doesn’t look good for a second game & we’ve got only 3 outs left to get at least 1 run to win this one.

It’s been a bad 3 weeks for Razorback baseball.

I guess I expected Knight to go to at least the 8th the way he was pitching. Hindsight. Scratched my head on that as well. Doesn’t look good. These last few weeks have been head scratchers in their own right.

Would not have mattered if Spanberger makes the routine play.

We gifted this one to the Vols

I’m not for sure Knight would have given up the two hits that Riendel(sp) did either. Oh well, nothIng to do now but hope the 2nd game can be played. Maybe we can go 1-1. Not betting on it.

I’m guessing it had something to do with him having to get warmed up to throw multiple times this weekend and that his next start is in six days.

You’re probably right. Let’s hope we can get the next one in. We need the win. Auburn and MSU not losing grip.

I think losing this game, we are likely not going to host a regional unless we somehow win 5 out of 6 the next two weekends. Pretty disappointing considering how the conference season started. I think losing all of those pitchers is starting to catch up to us.

Here’s how I see it:
We are not going to win the overall SEC
We are not going to win the West

As for hosting,
We must win the next game, and if we win both the next series, we have a chance.
Beating both Vandy and AM would make the RPI soar.

But thats a tall order.

AM has caught fire after a poor start

When you pitch back to back days, you have thrown more than the pitches you count. That’s two warm-up sessions in two days. It all adds up. You just don’t take many chances. He may have tightened up in the forearm. That’s his tendency when fatigued. It’s happened several times this year.

Yup. With the weather, I wouldn’t been surprised if Blaine had been held out, gotta have him healthy for post season.

The way I see it, after watching a lot of college baseball for quite a few years is that this time of year you just continue to hone your skills, develop players (including relief pitchers like Riendl). I questioned pulling Knight too, but not for long, we’ll need him to be healthy and rested for the stretch run. The rest of conference and even the “useless” conference tournament are somewhat meaningless. What matters now is how deep you go into the post season.

Baseball is a funny game. It’s full of ups and downs. If you are faint of heart, take up horseshoes. I was very disappointed after the early Saturday game. I felt like that was probably the last game of the series. I wondered about the hit to the mentality of our team. Then…Stephan takes the mound and delivers a great game.

After Auburn beat Arkansas 15 - 1 in that series, the al.com website, usually a football site, crowed about the game. I was still incensed about a statement that the SEC Network color guy made, “I don’t think Arkansas has faced an elite team like Auburn this year”. He obviously had Auburn connections. I posted a reply to the al.com posting stating my feelings about the color guy’s comment. I gave a summary of the good teams Arkansas has played this year, including Arizona. I stated that there was a lot of baseball left to be played. They still had LSU and others to play. I even commented that they had to play Alabama which even though Bama was at the bottom, they are a tough team. Guess what…Alabama swept Auburn and we are tied for second place. Sometimes life is bitter. Sometimes life is sweet. Keep pounding away Hogs!

Yes, and remember this, baseball is a marathon not a sprint. Auburn did a little sprinting, but maybe they don’t have a marathon in them. Alabama humbled them. They will not be crowing anytime soon.