Why I'm liking our chances against the Zags

We have the coach and the player that can slow that offensive juggernaut down.

Most seem worried about Timme and Holmgren in this match up. I think the most important match up is Nemhard and Toney/Notae. And, of course Coach Muss, who will draw up the scheme to stop Nemhard from getting the ball to Timme and Holmgren and to also stop Andrew from scoring. Stopping Nemhard will also slow down Timme and Holmgren’s games.

Andrew is the motor that makes that Gonzaga offense humm. He’s the player that gets the ball in Timme and Holmgren’s hands in the right position to score. Nemhard is a big PG who is very good at his job and also a very good shooter and scorer. Andrew’s line against Memphis (23 points, 5 of 10 from 3, and 5 assists).

Toney is just as big, and probably stronger. He will more than likely get the bulk of the minutes on Nemhard. Notae is quicker than Nemhard, and can affect his ball handling and passing when he’s on him. We need both to stay out of foul trouble as much as possible.

As Nolan always said, cut the head off the snake and he dies. Andrew Nemhard is that head.


I’m not worried either. We can Zig, all they can do is Zag :slight_smile:


Gotta make it an ugly game. Get Physical with their guards. Hands in the passing lane. Get some charges on their 35 year old Timme. Offense has to show up for this game.


Easier done than said.

I’m hoping we don’t get into foul trouble.

35 year old? Is he kin to Bin Laden’s boy??

The refs and how much they let ‘em play will set the tone for how much defense can really be played.
Our offense will have to show up!

I’m reminded of the old joke about the boy who asked the prom queen for a date. Her reply was that there was a one in a million chance she would ever date him. He said “so there is a chance”…

Good post.

Gonzaga running that hi/lo action with Timme and Holgrem will be a problem. Mark Few will go to it time and time again against Arkansas. Few ain’t no dummy. They killed Memphis in the 2nd half running that hi/lo junk offense.

You mean how much they let both teams play. #1’s can be pampered.

Timme is another of the guys (see also Kessler, Tsheebway, Kockburn, et al.) who could and should have NIL’s with KOA, since they spend so much time camping out in the lane. I think, despite all your excellent analysis, we will not get a chance to win because the ref’s will not run him out of the campground.

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I know you are kidding about 1 in a million but Arkansas is a good team with very good basketball players, some size and athleticism and a great coach that can scheme, especially with a few days to do so. There is a real shot at beating Gonzaga. No way I concede this game.


I don’t have a lot of high expectations for this game because we’ve kind of been in a funk offensively now for quite a while and Gonzaga makes it very hard to score inside and we know we don’t shoot well from the outside,but I will never doubt this team’s heart, they will give it 110% for 40 minutes, Gonzaga has a lot of weapons is extremely well coached but Muss will have a plan that if we will execute it will give us a chance to stay in the game.

The hogs can’t be behind late and depend on sending the Zags to the free throw line to make a comeback. This appears in my mind the game Umude, Notae and Devo will need to make several 3’s and Toney and J Williams will need to make some hustle plays on offense to keep possessions alive for our hogs. The hogs need to shoot above 40% and play aggressive on defense. I believe the hogs can win and most importantly our players believe they can win. The pressure will be on the Zags the hogs can play loose and let leave it all out on the court.

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Yeah I agree we’re going to have to make threes way way better than we have been because I don’t see a scoring much around the goal unless it’s in transition.

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It would be wonderful if we can get Timme and or Holmgren in foul trouble in the same way Miami got Kessler in it. A charge or two would be nice.

Memphis was up 12 on them in the second half. Bama beat them. They are not invincible. Make some shots, first of all.

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Zags beat Texas Tech by 14 and UCLA by 20. Gonzaga has, at times, looked invincible, but not nearly as invincible as Baylor last season and we played the Bears the closest of anyone in last year’s tournament.

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I hope the Zags dunk 10 times, shoot lights out…and then somehow experience a “beautiful loss.” Apparently, there are some fans out there who can accept that outcome instead of a dang “ugly win.” Thankfully, no respectable Hawg fan thinks that way.


Need to play much better offensively than we have during the last 2 games to have a chance against the Zags. We were lucky that Vermont & NMSt were not hitting their shots. Hopefully our so many missed lay-up, unnecessary forced shots, & sloppy ball handling were due to the team playing tired.

Geez, give me a break! I’m sure our defense didn’t have anything to do with those misses!