Why I hate the LSU Athletic program above all others

As I have said on this board before, I lived in Baton Rouge for three years. My daughter was born there. And on my office wall there is a large framed diploma showing that I hold a Doctor of Musical Arts in Choral Conducting from LSU. I am proud of it. My mentor, who retired a few years ago, was a legend. I am privileged to be his student.

Yet despite all that, I HATE LSU SPORTS. H. A. T. E.

Why? Well, for starters, their program is corrupt. Flagrantly so. Brazenly so. It was when I was there–mainly in basketball, because they were horrible in football in the early 90’s. And it still is.

But the biggest reason is that their fans are the most classless of any fanbase I have ever seen. Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, A&M, South Carolina…all of those fanbases were actually NICE when I saw games on their campus. Oh, they would get in your face some. But nothing like LSU. At LSU the arena and stadium literally smells of bourbon. And while I am no teatotaller, allowing your fans to be massively drunk at games is a formula for trouble.

At LSU, my wife and I had AA batteries thrown at us at a Hog/LSU football game. Hit Mary in the head. I still remember trying to head up into the section where the batteries came from. And the security? They laughed. Thought it was just hilarious. My wife had a huge knot on her head for days.

On another occasion one of their fans behind us called Nolan the “n” word. Loudly. My wife turned and glared at the guy, and he called her the “b” word. I literally had to restrained from killing that guy! Multiple people. I lost my mind.

Yea…I really hate LSU. More than Bama. More than even Auburn. Now Texas will always have a special place in all of our pantheon of hated teams…but Texas fans treated me and mine infinitely better than LSU on the many occasions I’ve seen games.

Anyway, I am sick about today. I was sick to see LSU woofing at the end of the game.
We missed Williams. Not just today…but yesterday…and against the Aggies…because Smith is EXHAUSTED. He needs a break. JD played badly today…but I’ll chalk that up at least to pushing through with food poisoning yesterday. Anyone that has played any sport knows adrenaline can get you through the event in the moment when you are sick…but the next day? You feel even worse. (Same with performing. I once sang an opera with strep…and the following day thought I was literally dying).

Finally, Tate has got fo figure out how to stay out of 1st half foul trouble. We suffer without him.

Anyway…praying we don’t lose the 3 seed.

Go Hogs. And I hope Bama beats LSU by 30.


I feel your pain. Don’t sweat it if we are a four seed though! Let’s get to the sweet 16 and let’s keep our underdog mentality. We haven’t earned anything yet!! I hope these hogs are feeling the pain and hate losing just as much as you right now. We are down, but not out and correct me if I’m wrong here Doctor, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings!


A fan was killed a few years ago in Louisiana on their way home from a football game when they stopped to eat and get gas! He was beat to death.
That’s how stupid and ignorant they are!

Tate needs to stop all the stupid junk.
First off he needs to shut his mouth and play ball. He has a rough time backing up all the junk he talks.

THAT IS HORRIFIC. I am telling you…way too much alcohol surrounds those games. Nothing against drinking. I enjoy my beer, wine and occasional scotch. But passion for your team combined with being drunk out of your mind is a dangerous cocktail. Pun intended.

I think the thing that bothered me most when I was there was the really overt racism shown towards Nolan. It was almost like the thought of a black head coach was just beyond the pale. I’m sure Nolan himself would say he saw it everywhere…but man I personally heard him called some awful, awful stuff at LSU. And then we would beat their butts. Very satisfying. I still remember Dillard hitting a 3 at the buzzer to send a game into OT in the Maravich Center. We won the Natty while I was at LSU. Now THAT was freaking fun.


I too feel your pain. Like most Arkansas fans I can’t stand LSU basketball. My personal disdain for their men’s hoops program is only heightened when they have a slimy cheating head coach still prancing the sidelines while his team beats our team, very likely with players he paid to come to his program two years after an audio clip came out of said slimeball coach admitting he paid to get a recruit.

Their coach is a blatant cheater, who has been caught, and continues to cheat while still having a job. Not only that, he and his players take pride in being the “bad boys” for doing something that is, by the very definition of NCAA rule, cheating. I mean it’d be like if I took pride for being the “bad boy” for money laundering or robbing convenience stores.

Anyway, LSU deserved to win today.

But all the aforementioned reasons are why it makes losing to them extremely difficult to stomach.

I don’t see Jalen talking too much trash out there. He does complain too much about foul calls against him. He needs to brush those off and just let it go and play ball.

My oldest daughter had some issues at a LSU football game a few years ago and they had their 5 year old son with them. They get out of hand in hurry over sports.
Nolan caught the junk everywhere the hogs went. I’m a hog fan but there’s no way I’m going to act like a fool to people after a game for anything.

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LSU just got severely punished. Because of their shenanigans, 2 people in Kansas got fired.

They better stop it or more coaches at other schools could be fired.


LSU fans love to live up to their reputation.
Okla St had fans like that back in the 70’s. Was chased practically all the way back to Ark after we beat them there.

I know right! The NCAA is SO MAD at LSU they are liable to just go ahead and put Kansas on probation.

There should be a rule if your under investigation you can’t play into the post season. Especially when there’s a tape of you commuting the infraction.
The NCAA has become and is a joke. A complete laughing stock in the sports world.

It really stings when you know you have to beat teams that are KNOWN to be cheating, not suspicion-KNOWN. It cheapens everything from that point on if proactive steps aren’t taken.
Sadly, we see this abandoned courage to boldly speak the truth on even larger stages throughout the world. We have devolved to the point that my team right or wrong takes precedence over fairness and truth. When civility dies we face perilous times. Today I pull for Alabama.

LSU loses a heartbreaker. I am not sad.

I am elated to see the bought and paid for team lose. Thugs.

LOL. Y’all are kind of ridiculous. LSU ain’t going anywhere in any sport, cheating or no cheating. We need to beat LSU and Alabama in all sports more than we do. Blaming it on cheating don’t cut it. This is the SEC. You want respect? Beat them. Thank goodness Hunter Yurachek seems to realize this.

I’m not ridiculous. Read my posts. Their fans treated my wife badly more than once. I lived there. Its personal with me.

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You see the difference in programs. Alabama players came over to console and give respect to LSU after their loss. LSU yesterday was being as disrespectful as possible towards us. For me, Alabama is an irritant but a one hit wonder this year. LSU, under Wade anyway, have been awful from the word go. No I don’t feel sorry for them or respect them.

All schools have their share of obnoxious fans. The common denominator - alcohol.

As long as its Kansas basketball. :slightly_smiling_face: