Why I can’t root for Baylor athletics

Great find bushhog. Sickening for any institution but for a (so called) Baptist school absolutely unforgivable. Who could let their daughter enroll there?

And cheap shots in football will never, ever be forgiven. And I’m a life long Southern Baptist. Ashamed of them. Totally

So only 2 football players indicted so far and at least 29 more involved wherever they are now.

If you have to hire a crook, at least hire a great one. My choice for the biggest crook is Bruce Pearl. Not only does he cheat, he wins at a high rate.

But college football has the all time crook. Ron Meyer, He transformed SMU into the Pony Express. Trans Ams for all the studs. Went from bottom feeders to conference title winners.

That’s a whole lotta sexual assaultin by Bayluh athletes. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the young female students who chose to attend Baylor and their parents, signed up for. That should have veen rooted out of the culture quickly and forcefully. Definitely a stain on the University.

And when Meyer left SMU, Bobby Collins kept right on cheatin’.

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