Why have we not started Cronin

He has looked great every time he’s pitched the low-90s fastball sharp breaking curveball.6ks in 2 inn.

I don’t know about starting, but I’ve wondered why he hasn’t been in bullpen rotation more during the weekend series. Of course most of his outings were against nonconference teams. This is the first time I can remember him looking dominant against an SEC team.

he got great stuff! dominant fastball and nasty curve,dont understand the few innings but at least his arm is fresh for the regionals.

I think last night showed why he’s not a starter. He started to wear out at about 60 pitches on a month’s rest.

That’s probably because he hasn’t been groomed to be a starter all year his arms not in shape. I just think he’s got good enough start to where we should have been using him as our number 3 starter all year. I would like to hear what dvh says about him

The young man needs to develop and taking time and limited use may be best for the kid! He does have great stuff!

He’s young and a great talent. I think the Coaches are bringing him along at the right pace.

As with most cases, I’m sure there is a good reason that he hasn’t started him or pitched him more as the coach likes to win and would do that if he was a player that could help him do so.

I think probably has more to do we have limited left-handers in the bullpen. Be curious to see what Dave Van Horn would say.

I read somewhere where DVH said he could be a weekend starter next year, but no specifics.