Why have all these old threads come back?

Mildly annoying and a bit of waste of time IMHO.

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Yes they are

Not as annoying as the initial posts that, in hindsight, have been proven abjectly wrong. :grinning:

Are they repeats because of a slow news day?

Pettiness and vindictiveness are also wastes of time

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As noted in other threads on this same subject, at the bottom of each thread is a list of Suggested Topics. Some of those suggestions are to old (sometimes very old) threads.

The What: The old threads come back via the “Suggested Topics” feature of these forums. If you open one of these old posts and check where the timeline break is, you can see who brought it back to the board.

The Why: It would seem there are some who like to highlight when the opinions of others are proven wrong.

Same person does it just to annoy. I delete them as I see them.


Thanks Clay.

I will apologize here for not having a lot of humor for it.

I’d like to blame this on some politicians, but heck some of us are idiots, too.

Well, hell, I’m an idiot sometimes as well. I like to think it is others rubbing off on me but suspect that’s not the entire story.

The better practice: cut/paste the link to the original; start a new thread with your new commentary; and, add a link to the original you are wanting to talk about.

I’m not really interestied in re-reading threads from last summer, whether they were accurate or way off base.