Why hasn't

Any formal announcement been made on Robb smith by either Minnesota or Arkansas? Is this a fire me so I get difference between what Minnesota pays me and my Arkansas contract? Could it be buy out amt of 250000? Been reported by many services but no formal announcements that I can find. Can’t officially hire anyone until
We technically have an opening right? Seems beliema might want a new coach to possibly excite remaining recruits.

Arkansas isn’t going to have a formal release regarding Smith one way or the other. The formal announcement will have to come from his new employer.

Minn can’t announce anything until they get the contract done.

Lawyers are doing their thing. I think it’s been finished at Arkansas, now time for Minnesota to do their thing. He’s at work in Minnesota already. I thought it might be announced by the Gophers yesterday. But it’s done as far as him taking the job.