Why hasn’t Ledbetter pitched lately?

Injury, perhaps?

I don’t think he’s injured. He threw an inning against Arkansas State last Wednesday. He hasn’t thrown in an SEC game this year, so aside from SEC play, the only opportunity for him to have thrown since then was against UCA when Will McEntire ate up a lot of innings.

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There are others who would like to pitch, too.

Somebody needs to pitch that will throw strikes. These bases on balls drive me (and probably DVH) up a wall. That 1st inning last Sunday was a disgrace. Gave up 5 runs on something like 3 to 5 swings. You kidding me. Give up 5 runs and do so as a gift? They are suppose to have all these great arms and that is probably so, but the first thing a pitcher must do is throw the ball over the plate and not hit the batter or throw it to the backstop. That should not be asking too much for a high level (or even Little League) pitcher.

Colorado, I didn’t mean to set you off.

They pitched on guy against UCA that walked his first batter and DVH jerked him out right away. Adoniac something like that. He’s thrown few strikes all year. Agree w Colorado, throw strikes period

It’s Mark Adamiak. He has the second-highest strikeouts per nine innings on the team (11.9). He has thrown a lot of strikes, but he had an off night in five pitches against UCA. He was taken out because at that point in the game they could not afford to wait to see if he would get his outing turned around.


Razor will, if all 40 of our players (many are teenagers) were as perfect as some if you think they should be, they wouldn’t be in Fayetteville. They would be in MLB.

Have you ever played ball. Did you ever had a bad day, or were you like a programmed robot?


I agree. Fans get down on these players too quickly and too harshly. It’s important to win & important to play the best players, but none of these guys are pros and none of them are quite grown. You can bet they’re all trying their best. Cut 'em some slack, especially on public message boards.


Don’t worry, you didn’t. Now pitchers that refuse to throw strikes. that is different

I don’t think they go to the mound refusing to throw strikes.
Maybe it’s just the ball refuses to go over the plate.


The problem is they have to nibble. Can’t throw them down the middle or they are hit hard. The difference between a ball and strike while nibbling is very small. And then there are the umps who interpret strikes differently.

And worse, the umps who are inconsistent throughout a game.

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I’ve heard pitching coaches say this forever but really don’t comprehend it. I don’t see it and didn’t when I played.

Pitching is about repeating the release point. It’s the stride and the way it comes out of your hand.

And it should look the same to the hitter to fool them no matter the pitch.

Arm speed should not change no matter grip, pitch or windup or slot.

Those are all variables the pitching coach might address when the pitching coach goes to the mound.

How they breath may change between the bullpen and the mound.

It is too much for most of us to imagine or comprehend. But it may be one or all of those things when they lose the strike zone.

The pitcher might do great out of windup, then struggle out of the stretch. It’s why some just pitch out of stretch. But maybe they get a little more pop out of windup so they like that until someone reaches base.

Just some things to think about. No real earth shaking insight here.

I played baseball until I graduated high school. Never a pitcher but throwing a baseball even to a base consistently in a small enough space where the person catching it doesn have to leave the base is hard enough. Throwing to the plate in an area where a batter can’t hit it but it is still called a strike is ridiculously hard. I now play disc golf. Playing 18 holes and trying to repeat arm slot and release points is maddeningly fun. The physical technique and mental focus to throw a pitch to home plate consistently is stupid. It is why pitchers are paid the big bucks in the League

Sorry Guys. He might have the highest strikeout ratio on the team so kudos to him. I’ve seen every game, but no baseball expert at all. Wonder why he isn’t playing more. But didn’t mean to trash the kid

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