Why hasn’t Clay been writing? Missing his thoughts.

Just concerned. I’ve been in Destin but lack of articles sure is unusual. Maybe I missed something:thinking:

I don’t think there’s any concern, but he has moved outside of the Fayetteville area…which is normal for folks in their mid 60’s.

I believe he has been assisting with a high school football book project and putting the finishing touches on the next issue of HI. I think that’s the case. I certainly don’t want to speak for him, though.

I’ve been writing stories for a high school football book that the Northwest Arkansas Democrat will publish in a few weeks. It’s a wonderful project and excited me. I’ve also helped find pictures. It’s quite the project. Wrote the last story this morning.

The one I did this morning was as much fun as I’ve had in a long time. It’s a story about the late John Outlaw, one of a handful of Arkansas coaches to win state championships in Arkansas and other states. He won a state title at Arkadelphia in his first year. He was 25 when hired, 26 when the Badgers won. Then, he won another one there in '87, then a state title at Lufkin in 2001.

John Outlaw – and I called him Johnny – and I were good friends at UCA. His roommate was another good friend, John Thompson. Fitz Hill was on his first three teams at Arkadelphia. One of John’s other great friends was Barry Lunney, Sr.
I visited with all three.

I drove on Sunday to near Ozark (actually the Mulberry River near Oark) to meet Steve Outlaw, John’s brother. He gave me pictures of John at Arkadelphia and his Hall of Fame ring from the Texas High School Coaches Association given last year. I’ll return it after we took pictures of it today.

The other chapter I wrote involved extensive research. It’s on Little Rock High, with interviews with many former players from the Wilson Matthews days. I also spent time with Bernie Cox.

I went to Hot Springs last week to meet with Mike McGibbony. He was on three LR High teams from 1954-56 and was part of the 33-game winning streak. His dad, Frank, was an All-America when Pine Bluff won a mythical national title in the 20s. I also spent some time with David Alpe in Malvern to pick up some pictures for the book from the high school days of Keith Traylor, Madre Hill, Isaac Davis, Gerald Skinner and Vincent Bradford.

Also did interviews with Harold Horton, Pat Jones and Richard Bell all played or coached with Wilson Matthews. Helped find old yearbooks with pictures I needed for Central chapter. Including pics of Earl Quigley.

That stuff has knocked me out of 4-5 days being at Arkansas interviews over the last month. But there isn’t a lot that I’ve missed as far as practices. Nothing has been open past the first 20 minutes. I’ve seen some of those. Not a lot to lead you to write much. I did write three stories the previous week on Arkansas football.

I wrote a column on Turner Gill. I did a piece on the offseason conditioning and I covered the media day and got two columns from that. So I’ve been writing. Just some of it you can’t see it yet because it’s going in the high school book.

Now the other thing I’ve been doing is get a magazine to the printer. That was done in the last 48 hours.

Just so you know, my job as publisher entails work to edit and proof the magazine and other issues with the overall work on laying out and designing a magazine.

Dudley, Scottie and Seth have been covering a lot of the interviews. I went to the ones with Chad Morris the first week. There were two. I’ll be at the interviews tomorrow and to practice.

If there had been a practice open or a scrimmage open, I’d be there. But what can you see in 20 minutes. This will be the first season ever that not one practice has been open. I don’t count the 20 minute period at the start.

The other thing that I’ve been doing is get some extensive physical exams. Nothing bad to report. At 65, I’m in decent help. I did have a bit of a scare a couple of weeks ago and did some things to get on the right track, including change my diet and do a little exercise. I’ve lost 14 pounds in two weeks. My blood pressure today was the best it’s been in 10 years. It’s never been really bad, but it was great this afternoon.

My doctor told me today at the end of all of these tests and blood work that I’m in pretty good health for 65. PSA is great. That leads me to believe I can work a few more years. But, I don’t need to go at a break neck pace. I need to let others do more work and I’ll do that, partly based on some pleadings from my wife.

Remember last fall I had some tough weeks with an operation for an infected cyst in my back that required an awfully slow healing process. It took about three months to heal.

I’ve put a little more on Dudley in the last six days and he’s responded like a champ. And, it’s enabled me to help Matt Jones a little on the book project. But if you go back and look, I have had stories during the camp.

Hey, I’m just glad you’re doing well. I’m 65 myself and sold my business(s) 2 years ago. I understand everything you say. Slow down but please keep writing. I have been so lucky to be able to help with my 2 wonderful grandchildren and my 91 year old mother. I hope you are able to slow down as much as you desire. I also hope our Hogs improve so much, soon, that you will be chomping at the bit to cover them again. I don’t miss the daily stress of running 5 companies but I do miss the comradarie and companionship of my fellow workers. We worked hard, had fun, and did a lot of good. I hope you can find that balance. I don’t make as much money but I’m much happier and lead a more satisfying life by a long shot. Keep doing what you are great at doing. I will look forward to your insights!

So I have been busy. This reminds me that I need to take a day off to chase the trout. They probably wonder where I’ve been, just like you.

Also wrote my column for the paper’s football tab. It is a fun piece about my dad and his great hobby, growing grass and how it played into the 1964 season.

Clay - Whatyou been doing in your spare time? :smiley:

I can’t wait to read that high school football book. Reading your post brought up great memories of people that I have heard about for years. Having a job you love is such a blessing. And it’s clear that Clay loves writing, publishing and covering Razorback sports. His loves comes through in spades when he writes about friends and folks he loves. I’m 68 now and just hit the two year mark of retired life. Like Clay I have a job that I totally loved. But it put me in airplanes traveling the US and Canada almost weekly. Hopefully Clay can slow down gradually and spend time with those fish that are missing him.

The Henry family has meant a lot to old timers like me.

Thanks Clay.

Some really fine folk on this board.
I am grateful that you all take time to ruminate
over our shared love for our Razorbacks.

Count your blessings. This board is one.

I have not heard ruminate in quite some time. Lovely word. My dad would toss around words like that and then tell his boys, “Go look it up.” I hated when he did that. And, I hated it more when it was something less than flattering about something I’d done. Now there were good vibes, too. He could make you feel good about what you had done. I guess he was the one doing the ruminating at times – as in giving us a good chewing. One of the words he used sometimes that would make our head swim was indubitable. Yeah, go look it up.

As the twig is bent the tree is inclined.

Grit is a powerful thing to behold.
There is a great book that touches on the substantial
force this trait has on our lives and our world.
The author is Angela Duckworth and the title of her
book is ‘GRIT’.
From an old Japenese saying: Fall seven, rise eight.

A passionate persistence is what I hope we see from
our Hogs this season.

I got to know John Outlaw pretty well; my brother was on his first Arkadelphia team, and later he was on my board of high school coaches for UPI. I’m looking forward to reading that, Clay.

Clay, I became a Hog fan in 1959 at age 10. that was the beginning of the modern era for Arkansas. Lived in Hot Springs and did not take the Gazette (then the undisputed state newspaper), so we picked one up at the newsstand on Sunday morning after the game. I read every word on the hogs, multiple articles including the front page lead. My favorite was the long thesis that your father wrote; started on page one and went to the sports pages for completion.

Later, Bud Campbell and your dad started a Sunday morning TV show covering the game with lots of film and discussion. My dad and I would never miss it!

That and the radio broadcasts built my love for the Razorbacks that stands to this day.

Later HI and the website built on this foundation.

I moved out of state in 1971 to Oklahoma and then to Texas but I never have been without by beloved Hogs mainly because of your family. For that I am very thankful

You are kind to write this note. Thank you very much. I enjoy doing what I do and thankful there are people interested in reading it. I really am. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Clay, I too never miss reading your articles or postings. I read the other folks too that write articles, but do occasionally miss some of theirs. I always read your though! As a follow-on to 584 Orville always had an article in the Monday paper, though not as long as the Sunday writing, but always contained a couple of nuggets. There was,also, Orville’s Note-Pad (don;t remember which day) which was brief but interesting.

Johnny Outlaw was a wonderful man & Coach, a ferocious hitter as a 150-160 lb DB at UCA (SCA then). John recruited and signed me up for UCA right there in Ozark (his alma mater to) at Outlaws Grocery store. Steve ran the store then and for a long time after. Great family all around.