Why give BB a 5th year?

His claim to hope has been progress each season. Well newsflash, every phase of the razorback football team was worse this year. Defense, Oline, offense, etc…no excuses it was all either bad or a drop off from last year. So has he peaked? I’m going to say yes, but year 5 will be the icing on the cake because unlike the programs who don’t cling to hope, but instead production , we will sit around and wait instead of giving him the boot.

17 million reasons he will be back next year.

Unfortunately probably the next season as well

Because, excuse the French, who the h - e double II hockey sticks will replace him? Seriously? Who has even got close? Unless we get rid of the AD and have a 2 for 1 Volleyball player gift program for the coach

We are who we are

Because it will cost more than the GDP of Sri Lanka to do so…

Obviously it wasn’t a serious post more of a hypothetical, I’m aware it’s not a financial reality to do so.

There’s another possibility. I could see Bielema jumping to a different program.

He has done it, before, with much less reason to do so.

His popularity rating is as low here as it has been since the long SEC losing streak and he has to be thinking–as many of us are wondering–that his ceiling here is 9 wins–especially if he can’t consistently beat the teams you must beat at Arkansas like MO, MSU and for my $, TAMU.

For all who think it’s laughable that he could land a similar or better job, look around the country. There will be several schools that aim high and miss on their top targets as well as other schools that get raided and have to replace their HCs.

Jeff Long deserves to be fired for agreeing to a one sided buyout after a 6-6 season. Complete joke.

We’re the Razorbacks…good fortune such as this rarely comes our way.

Coach B will be back next year. The decision to hire JOHNLSMITH was POOR. Did you hear anybody take the hit for that decision? I like a lot of what I hear from Bielema but if the Hog Fan wants to reach the upper half of the conference…we better go to Wal Mart and buy some intelligence and football IQ. Then we better learn how to evaluate and recruit players because we suck at several positions.


BUT, Getting beat 19 times over the top on defense, in one game, is ABSOLUTE stupidity. Listen closely to BB press conference. Not making that one adjustment takes STUPID to a brand new level. When the D coordinator makes the kind of cash we pay him you would think he would be able to adjust. No staff changes, OK. Brain surgery, not an option. Send defensive coordinator to get an education?
Definition of a great coach is getting the most out of his talent and we were the more talented team today and LOST. Webster’s definition of STUPIDITY: Continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. So if you say it is not the system, then the problem is bigger,…RECRUITING. Could somebody please tell BB to put one of the best recruiters we have had in years on the road for us. Bobby Allen. WE NEED PLAYERS AT A LOT OF POSITIONS. A LOT. Bobby will go get us some players so we do not lead the conference in sacks allowed.