Why fire CCM?

Everyone associated with the UA and the state of Arkansas deeply feels the pain of the struggling football program. AD Long, CBB and his staff were fired. A new coach and system was hired with ALL of us FULLY aware of the extreme lack of talent and depth on hand. We all KNEW it would take three to four years of great recruiting to bring the program back to respectability.
Arkansas has the youngest team in football. We have boys getting mauled by men. Our OL have suffered countless injuries and concussions. Our DL gets totally dominated. I don’t have access to a tackle chart but I wouldn’t be surprised if our DBs are leading the team in tackles.
For everyone who wants CCM fired, please provide specific actions deserving to be fired. And that doesn’t include beat downs due to lack of talent and depth.


He has underperformed based on his own standard - said there was enough talent on hand such that 4-8 would be unacceptable.

He is 1-7 in one score games. In close games good coaching, or lack thereof, is a bigger factor.

Your argument would have more merit if he was only struggling against teams with better talent. He’s lost to teams which have much less talent than Arkansas. Lost to a 3-9 Colorado State team, lost to an SJSU team compromised mostly of unranked recruits, lost by 30 to North Texas.

He’s not a good head coach - he was hired with a losing record and had one of the worst of not worst winning % in CFB.

The fanbase, the customers of Razorback Inc., have checked out. Yesterday’s crowd, Homecoming at that, was the lowest announced attendance since the stadium expansion in 2001 and each crowd this year has been smaller than the last… think about that. Less fans for Auburn and MSU than Portland on Labor Day weekend. People have no belief.

There are many more but I need to get back to the Steelers.

Lack of talent and depth did not lose all those games.

Losses to UNT, San Jose State and Colorado State not enough for you? Arkansas is more talented than those three teams.

Declining fan interest. Decreased giving to the RF.

All of that is true, but the biggest no-no for Morris was losing to SJS. If we won all our non-con, people would be ticked if we still lost all our conference games, but they’d be more willing to be patient with clear progress. But right now, there isn’t any clear progress the last 3 games. I’m still skeptical we can fire Morris but I understand why some want him gone.

A coach has to have his team show signs of progress to instill confidence in the direction of the program. Getting blown out by a bad team in front of an empty home stadium doesn’t do much to instill that confidence.


I would start by looking at the losses in the last two years to teams with lesser talent than us. Colo st, N Texas, St Jose were embarresments. Then you look at improvements in year two. Where were they? Tennessee is getting better this year. Why aren’t we? SMU is winning in year two due to recruiting in the portal. We are losing in year two hoping for talent to come in the next two years? The decomits, the declining attendances, the horrible national press adds up.

Matt- he asked for responses from people wanting Morris fired. Did you catch that?:grinning:

I hope you stay with Steelers as your crap gets very old.

They certainly are winners which is fun. As for your posts they are lacking in substance and style. Frankly…boring.

Head coach is held responsible for everything but the in game decisions are made mostly by coordinators and most actual coaching is done by assistant coaches under those coordinators. The head coach does very little coaching and is more of a public relations / coordinator of the coordinators than anything else. Even recruiting is delegated to a recruiting coordinator. Starting all over might make everyone feel better and that is certainly needed right now but I would suggest the place to start is by upgrading the guys who actually do the coaching. Recruiting still should be the focus at this point in the season and the worst possible thing that could happen is to have another stall in that process like happened when the last head coach left.

The ugly truth is that it is going to take more time. This group of freshmen is really the first Morris class and there are some really good young players in this group but you have got to wait until their junior season before you really know if you are on the right track. That is two more years and that is what is logical. Making a move now may satisfy the disgruntled fans but it also just starts this mess all over again. That is simply the ugly truth.

It is pretty simple if they lose the next 2 SEC games.

0-16 in SEC + failing in every close game in which the Hogs had a chance in the 4th quarter except Colorado State this year (this is Colorado State i just mentioned!! at home!!)

Also not to belittle these 2 teams, but the SEC schedule included the 2 perennial bottom dwellers in Vandy and Kentucky and of course lost.

The schedule only gets tougher the next few years with Notre Dame and Texas and tougher SEC East schedule.

I like Morris and AD has a very tough decision but if Hogs lose to LSU and Mizzou, I think he may be out. The bottom line though is after 2 years with Morris, does AD and Admin have confidence in him and believe he is the right coach to turn it around.

It seems unfathomable but without the right coach, 0-8 in SEC next year could happen which I believe would set the SEC all time record, Tenn and Ole Miss at home are the most probable wins.

Your statement that the HC does very little coaching and is more PR person is the most ridiculous statement I have seen on this board. I may not be a coach but I know that good HC do a Lot of the Coaching!

The ugly truth is not a SEC caliber and probably never will be!

Hawai’i, I applaud your effort to start a thread in hopes of gaining new perspective, but this is one topic that we have been enduring for nearly 2 years, and it will continue, basically unchanged, until CM is either fired or resigns.

Except for those who wanted CM gone the moment his hiring was announced (think elmo-e), we had three primary camps the moment the final whistle blew at the conclusion of last year’s CSU game: 1. CM walked into a mess that will take 3-4 good recruiting classes to fix, therefore he needs more time; 2. CM is in over his head, therefore he needs to be fired immediately; and 3. Currently Undecided.

Although weekly results can cause individuals to switch back-and-forth between camps, folks entrenched in their camps will continue to vigorously defend their positions until finally, Coach Current is replaced with Coach Next.

And as soon as Coach Next is named, we begin the whole process all over again.

Through their first 20 games:

Nutt: 14-6, +315
Petrino: 9-11, -43
Beliema: 7-13, -14
Morris: 4-16, -240

And it’s not just a talent thing. We’ve lost to multiple less talented teams. And we’ve done so in a highly embarrassing fashion.

An argument can be made that we are worse this season than last.

One of our insiders has already said we are worse - Dudley said 2018 Hogs better than this bunch.

The bigger question is why NOT fire Morris and staff?

I agree with the poster that if you fire CCM now, it’s back to same old search. I don’t have the answers but he did inherit a bad deal. Maybe next year? Who knows. JMO

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One valid reason making the statement that he would play those players that gave the team the best chance to win! Then continuing to go to Hicks or Starkel through 9 games! Poor evaluation of talent and capabilities!
First rep all year by Limmer and he pancakes a DL !
Staying with the DC and OC too long!

Reason not to fire. Money! Recruiting!