why fire AD before you hire a coach?

A. you already have a coach
B. you don’t plan on firing the coach
C. you don’t think it’s that critical

Great questions. I guess we’ll know the answers in a couple of weeks to at least some of those.

D. The Power Brokers don’t like him, wanted him gone and want to make a run at “their” guy as HC (who wouldn’t have been considered by Long) who probably won’t come here and will further divide the state if he does.

Yeap, I think I have to choose D from this list. Old slights getting revenged and people will be positioned so as they
get their opportunity to get their guy. Having Long in place left him in charge, that makes plans more difficult for
the powers behind this push.

E. You have your AD and he’s on board with your coach.

Perhaps because this AD did want to fire the current HC

Did or didn’t?

I’ve heard for weeks that there was a push from influential people who did not want Long to be able to hire the next football coach. This ensures that.

But this muddies the water for a potential football coaching change in a couple of weeks.

Typo… did not

I kind of thought that, or maybe a me instead of him. I’m sure we will know by the 25th for sure

It’s simple. Coaches want to know who their boss will be before taking the job. And if the powers that be want a new AD, you get rid of him/her and get them replaced before you hire a new coach.