Pitches Ramage is beyond me. Just pitiful most every time he comes in.

He seemed to start out better this year and I was taking back everything I had said about him. It didn’t last

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Somebody on the thread calls him Good Ramage and Bad Ramage. You never know who is going to show up, even from inning to inning!


Ramage wasn’t sharp today, but Turner sure didn’t do him any favors either. We got spoiled by Opitz for the last few years; he didn’t allow four wild pitches in one inning. Or one month. Those WPs were worth at least a run, maybe two.


That’s true. I don’t like Turner’s stance behind the plate, looks like one leg has knee bent behind with butt sitting on his calf and the other leg fully extended off to the side. I don’t see how he has any mobility to block wild pitches in that stance, not to mention the ability to pop up quickly when necessary. The traditional squat behind the plate seems to me much more effective. I know it’s hard on the knees, but Opitz did it every game for a couple of years.

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I was a catcher and was taught NEVER to position myself like Turner does when there are baserunners.

I guess things have changed.

Hopefully, someone will ask DVH about it.

BTw, I thought it cost Turner the opportunity to field a bunt in Friday’s game.

I just noticed Tennessee’s catcher is doing the same thing with runners on base.

Oh well, things change.

Ramage has always made me nervous when he comes in. Those WPs are on him. He overthrows when he feels stress. Oh well, another game tomorrow.

It may have not had any bearing, but I wonder how much the turf affected those breaking balls “in the dirt.” At least a couple seemed to take funny looking hops.

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While we are asking why…should we be using Slavens right now as a DH? He hasn’t been the same since his injury last year.

I totally agree. I caught my whole life and never even thought about getting that position because I knew I would not have any lateral movement. Turner is a great hitter and has a very good arm but he is not defensively sound behind the plate.

I think the turf does make the ball become a little more bouncy. Those plays hurt a lot but the lack of hitting the entire day cannot be overlooked either

Doesn’t matter. Look at his history. Not long by ago bases loaded, at home, Ramage comes in and proceeds to walk in a batter, give up another, then a hit. Pressure situation we can’t count on him at all

My Hog-watching buddies and I have been using “Good XXXX or Bad XXXX” for several seasons now…don’t know whether I’ve used it here or not, but when watching Hog games together with my pals, or even texting them during the games we watch at home, it seems we always have at least one pitcher that falls into that category each season. It’s standard for our Hog game conversations.

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