Why - down 3 and Harris shoots a 3??

Jones open in the left corner and our worst 3 point shooter in history shoots instead of passing it with 3 seconds left.

Hogs played great, fought with everything they had. This team is going to be good next year if everybody but the right 2 or 3 come back. I just hate it that it ended with a play that had ZERO chance of making the tying shot.

Million dollar question. I asked the same when at 8 minute mark Gabe jacked up a 3 very early in shot clock leading to a transition Indiana bucket. Repeat.

plain a day they took away the other options and force our worst shooter to make a play… That’s part of basketball we took away things from them this game as well smh some of yall act like you never played the game and only watch it on tv

He didn’t have time to pass, had to take it. And he did hit a shot like that earlier in the year. It was going into HT of a game I believe. And as the announcers said it was a good look.

thank you Mason Jones as good of a shooter as he is isn’t the game you want going end to end with the ball he’s not a burner

First, I played high school and college ball, how about you? 2nd, go back and replay the last 6.1 seconds. You’ll see that just as Harris arrives at half court, with 3.1 seconds left (the shot clock is in perfect view), Jones is on the left side, open by 6 feet and his man is looking at Harris. It was set up perfect for a pass to Jones. Who knows if Jones would have made the shot, but it was 3 times more likely than Harris shooting it.

He went to slow. One thing Harris has is jets. Still tough situation to make a play.


Harley- could you tell me what makes you think this team will be better next year? I assume you can look at the guys and gage things better than me considering you played college ball.

Me personally I don’t see it at all I see an undertalented team, that’s about to have some transfers. I don’t think we have good enough talent to be top 5 in the conference next year. I’d like to be wrong, I just flat out don’t see it. How often is a team better after it loses a once in a decade or more talent? We will be small and undertalented in the post, I don’t like that. I see multiple SEC teams being better than us next year.
I think Joe is a good playerthat could take the next step next year, Mason is good, and then it drops off to me after that. I think Sills is promising, but other than that I don’t see the talent necessary. This late in the recruiting game, it’s a bit of a pipe dream to think we get significantly better with any of the additions that are available. Jolly would be nice but the realistic bigs we would get aren’t an upgrade from what played today.
Just curious on your views.

Joe will make a big jump with more strength (more drives). Sills over the last 8 games is over 50% from 3 so him with Jones gives you 3 knock down shooters. I expect Chaney to make a big jump and I think Gabe will be a defensive stopper. Harris is mostly solid and if he improves his shot he could be very good.

Here is the one thing that gives me the most hope - how connected on defensively we have been the last 2 games. The defense was really good and without Gafford the switching didn’t hurt.

I hope you’re right.

I’m not so sure Chaney is going to come back though. I know it’s been talked about on here that he’s possibly transferring, but I heard yesterday that it’s definitely more likely than not, who knows, I’m curious to see how that plays out.

That’s the rub is if any of the players I mentioned leave.

Give me Darius Hall for this year’s team and I think we go dancing.

Jones is not fast or quick enough to take a better shot than what Harris had in that situation

First, if we have a team “that’s about to have some transfers” happens, then we won’t be better, if those rumored (Jones and Chaney") are the transfers. At this time, I’m assuming that doesn’t happen.

  1. This team’s player and ball movement has been much better in these last 2 games without Gafford on the floor. I also believe next year’s team would be better with Gafford here. This entire year, we certainly would not have been better without Gafford. The team was too young and inexperienced and leaned too heavily on Gafford on the offensive end. Next year, with the additional experience, they would have understood better how to merge their talents and Daniel’s talent more effectively.

  2. Notice, I said I thought they would be a good (not great) team next year if the right transfers happen.
    Joe is going to be an all SEC player, if not next year, then as a Junior. I don’t worry about his shot at all, because the stroke is so pure, and if you’ve watched closely, his all around play has really improved as the season has gone along. Jones has had only 2 years of basketball playing under 270 pounds. That should mean he will improve athletically as he begins to learn how to play in a 210 pound body. He also has a nice shooting stroke. Desi has really improved as the season has gone along. Chaney has shown real flashes that he can become a very good inside player. A healthy Embrey will be a good contributor next year. I’m really hopeful that early next season, Justice will take over the bulk of the PG minutes next year. That PG position will make the biggest difference between a good and a really good season.

  3. I believe that Mike will bring in 2 bigs and a JUCO PG (unless he thinks Desi or Justice) can take over the bulk of the PG minutes.

Obviously, this team next year must get help in the 4/5 spots and the PG spot to make a big jump. I’m assuming that will happen.


Jones is not fast or quick enough to take a better shot than what Harris had in that situation


Seriously? Why would he have to be fast or quick to receive a pass thrown at the 3.1 mark when he was open for a catch and shoot 3? Have you gone back and watched the last 6.1 seconds? I have a picture on my phone showing exactly the 3.1 seconds left with Harris’ foot about to touch the half court line. That gives Jones 2.5 seconds to get off a catch and shoot 3. It would have been a perfect final play with the pass. Probably wouldn’t have gone, but a 40% chance is better than a 10% chance.

Oh, and by the way, I bet that was what Mike drew up. I also noticed in that pic, that Embery was open on the other side of the floor. That positioning would have left it up to where Harris caught the pass as to which side of the floor he was running. Right side, and Embery would have been open, left side and Jones would be open.

Jones has said he is coming back. So let’s stop talking about that. If Chaney transfers, we are losing potential and not as much from this year and it can be replaced. As I said, I am very encouraged by tweets from Mikki Chaney that he is coming back.

Time to start thinking about who else we can bring in.

Just don’t see Chaney going anywhere when he played valuable minutes as a “freshman” and will assume a starting role as a sophomore on an SEC team.
Jones already said relax he’s not going anywhere.
Now it’s up to MA to get let the needed transfers happen & fill in a few pieces from JuCo ranks and a recruit or 2, which he is noted for doing in the past.

PJ, you realize I only brought that up because I was responding to Jrjdent’s post about talent transferring. I said my post assumes that does not happen.