why don't we play games like Kentucky is playing

they are getting to play 4 games in the bahamas huge advantage for them…why don’t we do things like that?

Arkansas did that two years ago when it went to Spain. The NCAA allows an international trip once every four years.

I understand the international rule as you’ve stated, but Kentucky being able to pay for SEC officials’ trip there seems a conflict of interest. They should have to get officials from another league, such as the Pac-12 or BIG that shouldn’t have a say in conference play.

i knew we had done something similar but didn’t realize it was 2 yrs ago.Kent. seems they do something like this every yr.

Kentucky’s last international exhibition trip was in 2014 to the Bahamas.

The deal is with or without a pre-season tournament…The SEC Network would be broadcasting Kentucky’s basketball practices or interviewing Coach Calipari every chance it got via Finebaun or 30 for 30.

They are absolutely obsessed with ALABAMA & KENTUCKY because fans and haters will tune in to check out the competition.

I can confirm that Arkansas was in Spain in 2016 and Italy in 2014 and Petra and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

The problem is that Kentucky is a elite national program, which draws viewers and the arenas in the Bahamas are set up for television.

The “gyms” in Italy and Spain were definitely not with internet seemingly something that hadn’t made it there yet.

I had quite the roaming charges, but it was all good.

Meanwhile, Mike Neighbors has the women’s team in Italy this week doing exactly that. Matt’s story quotes MN as saying you want to do this type of trip when you have a team with a lot of newcomers, not a veteran team. Which is exactly what he has this year.

Yep. Men’s team is in the same shape and could have used a trip overseas

Response- Are you such about that, I always thought the hosting school provided the officials, and usually they come from the conference they play-in… Hence if I apply your statement Kentucky is hosting a tournament in the Bahamas and paying the SEC officials to officiate the games. It does seem to present an unfair advantage for the other schools they invite. What I find strange is they are allow to host a tournament in another venu or country outside of their home state.

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