Why don't the huge $ in NWA translate to wins?

CEO of Walmart makes $29 mill a year
Campus has doubled ; Texas kids everywhere

Why doesn’t all the money in NWA translate into wins?

Our standards are too low…we should be able to pay top dollar for coaches if we wanted to…instead we:

FB- how many leads has BB blown? 14? That tells me all I need to know . He should have won at least 9 last year and 10 the year before. Minimum expectations should be 9-3 plus bowl each year

BB-we are ecstatic we are making the tournament , really? We should we disappointed with a one and done in the NCAA

Baseball – crowds and facilities unmatched yet DVH has not won the big one. We should be able to attract the best coach in the USA

We have the 3 F’s

Just curious while all the money in NWA doesn’t = wins

Compared to the money we had back in the 60’s & 70’s we have lots more now. Compared to the rest of the NCAA sports world, we are OK, but many have lots more money than we do. If all it took was money, Texas would dominate all sports.

You need a championship tradition, great recruiting base, and it would be a lot easier in the SEC East, Big 12, etc. than in the SEC West. If we do win our half of the conference, we will be at the top of the nation, but just having money (more than Mississippi State, but less than Bama, LSU, A&M, and Auburn) is no guarantee of success. It ain’t that easy. JMVVVHO.

First, we don’t have as much money as many of our competitors. Second, money isn’t the only factor that determines a school’s success in athletics. Other resources, such as recruiting base, location near a huge population center, recent winning history, and any number of other factors. Third, the CEO of Walmart & some of the other very wealthy people in NWA aren’t necessarily huge Razorback fans. Many are, but the total amount of money in NWA isn’t as high as it is say, Athens-Atlanta, Gainesville, or Birmingham/Tuscaloosa.

If money in a region was all it took to win championships, SMU, South Florida, Northwestern, Houston, Washington, Arizona State, Cal and several others would be piling up trophies. It’s not that simple.

Arkansas’ facilities are great, but I can name many whose either are comparable, equal or better, not to mention the many disadvantages of recruiting the sport. If winning a national championship was all that differentiated between a successful coach and a failing one, then several of the greats in the college game would be considered failures. That probably could be said of any sport.

Money money money. Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you a diseased pro. Money can’t buy Ole Miss an SEC West title, but it can buy them some very unwanted attention from the NCAA. Money can buy Calipari an NC every now and then, but it can’t buy him any intregrity. We’ve got good coaches. They are running very good programs. Kids are doing things the right way. They are going to class and graduating. They are doing positive things in their communities. They are competing and I don’t discount the possibility of any of our big 3 sport coaches doing something very special in the next few years. If winning championships was as easy as writing checks, wouldn’t the big Texas oil schools be dominating college sports?

Well said, Matt.

In my opinion, the influx of Walmart money has just allowed us to catch up to our competitors. Texas has oil money; so do LSU and OU. SMU has a huge metropolitan area with a huge amount of money, and it seemed like they spent most of it in the eighties. Arkansas is still a poor state with less than 3 million people. Alabama is a poor state with only one Fortune 500 company (Regions Bank) but they have nothing else to brag about, so they pour a hugely disproportionate amount of resources into Bama and Allbarn football.

I see what you did there. :wink:


Give me your top 5 coaches that you think we can go get regardless of money. In other words, I say to you, I’ve got plenty of money and I can hire whomever you bring me that you think we can get and that you want. Give me your top 5.

With respect, please name a few of those with “equal or better”. Remember, we’re talking (in this discussion) only Baseball. And don’t forget the recently added indoor training facility when you respond.

I know that LSU and S. Carolina have new and/or recently remodeled stadiums. A&M has a nice place, too. But I can’t think of many I’d say are “better”.


If money really does equate to wins then our W-L record in standings should fall about where our budget falls. If my understanding is correct, our FB budget is about 9th in the SEC and our BkB budget is in the 3-4 range. Wait a minute… that’s about where we finished this year! :lol:

I love when people get on the board and advocate spending other people’s money, when in reality they probably don’t even donate to the foundation at all.

Do you have a little room in the garage where you post news clippings about the failures of everybody involved with Arkansas Athletics? This sounds like a John Forbes Nash sort of deal to me.

Not sure many are better, but as far as equals, near-equal, or maybe better would be LSU, SC, Ole Miss, Texas, A&M, MSU, and Alabama. (I haven’t seen Bama’s either in person or on TV, but I know it’s brand new & that Bama has tons of money, so I bet it’s very nice.)