Why don’t they replace

Santos. He has let us down all year.

Hands down worst safety in the SEC, probably power 5, damn sure worse than a lot of group of 5 safeties.

There is no defending it anymore he is absoltely god awful. Someone tried to argue with me about it last week, I’m wondering where they are now.

He’s been awful for 4 years.


Perhaps there is nobody better. Perhaps he knows the coverages but just doesn’t have the skill set to take the proper angles and tackle to the ground.

Well we have 2 freshman they supposedly like. If we’re going to get beat get them some experience. Can’t be much worse than santos


There is no way they can be worse than Santos.

I’m pretty damn sure I could do as well as him.

Every time we give up a big play because of a missed tackle it is Santon Ramirez… Literally everytime. He gets laid out more than he does the laying out.

Well obviously big plays only happen when the safety misses because that’s his job. Big plays will rarely be on any other player. A lot more big plays could happen if it wasn’t for him. That said he has to do his job better so there aren’t big plays.

I could live with it (because of the lack of options) if he would wrap up on a tackle… play the young ones because it doesn’t matter anyway at this point.

The coaching staff obviously feels that Ramirez is a better option than the young ones at the moment.

We can all judge what we see, but they are in practice with them every day so I usually give that more weight than what I think I see.

Guy must be the best practice player in the history of football for them to continue to put him out there.

Well when so many big plays (in some cases 90%) are relying on your safety to make the stop. Just shows the rest of the defensive break downs & lack of execution to begin with.

Something you or I will never know.

He’s neither as great as he was made out to be before the season or as bad as some think he is.

But he is in a spot that when something goes wrong, it usually leads to a big play.

if someone with analytic skills could get into practice then I bet there would be no correlation to how Santos or anyone practices and how they do in a game. Lots of kids are better gamers than practicers. One fundamental confounder is that Santos is practicing against us which should make him look good in practice. He is a verbal leader, well trained for the media but cannot translate the talk into on field performance. So many on defense come short of their publicity (see Agim, Gerald and Greenlaw in OM game).

Chad Morris needs to pull the “what we have here is a failure to communicate” line out of the Cool Hand Luke movie. Both O and D look discombobulated and disconnected. Im not trying hard to keep up, frustrating waste of time to figure this staff out.

I know the pablum and urban legend which makes up coachspeak and we have a staff and leaders who make that spiel very well. CCM is occupying space worse than between a rock and a hard place. Feels like we need divine intervention or an unbelievable epiphany to resurrect what is now in Fayetteville. Was some curse placed in the newly constructed North End Zone that pervades the program? Failing so big at WMS defies history. Santos is just a poster child for what ails the program. Plenty others not as noticeable but just as bad.

Best response I’ve seen this season to probably the thousandth “Santos is awful” thread. There’s no doubt that when Brandon Allen graduated, he left the medal of “favorite Razorback football player to bash” with Santos Ramirez. Poor Santos has worn that “medal” well these last 3 years. I wonder what Sophomore next year will get to wear that medal for 3 years?

I just don’t understand why he is such a poor tackler. He gets in position, and then just whiffs. If he would wrap his arms , he would bring the man down most of the time. Easy for me to say, I guess, but my old coaches would have never let us hear the end of it if we tackled like that.

There are times when you try and wrap up you bounce off of a bigger receiver or tight end. Regardless, I would like to see more wrapping up.


This is the type of stuff that’s over the top but it’s the world we live in.

Idiotic to tweet at players or boo players… just pathetic really.

How can playing young ones be any worse, if by playing them we are playing for the future. We are gonna lose anyway with the Artful Dodger back there.

Frustration is a healthy reflection from our fans - shows we still care, have standards, expectations, etc.

The personal insults though…maybe it’s my age (54), but I don’t like it. I think ithen should stop.

I see all the weaknesses the rest of yall do. I’m as upset about the program as any of you. I’ve been as close to the program as anyone. I’m as far away from it now as anyone. One thing hasn’t changed though - leave the kids alone.

They are trying.

Plus, consider how your comments are received by recruits.

Some of you sumbitches need to look in the mirror and ask if you can do any better. Then ask if your comments help, in any sort of way for OUR PROGRAM.