Why doesn't SEC kick us out?

We don’t have the TV sets or top winning tradition?

Being in SEC is best thing that has happened to our state. Grateful for being there and all the money.

But what keeps them from kicking us out and improving their economics?

Surely you can do better than this?


With all apologies just upset.

We have to narrow talent gap or it will be like this forever I’m afraid.

I hope SEC never kicks us out.

But when big conferences form I’m not sure why they keep us to be honest

Good grief. Seriously

Seriously, dude. Log off and chill out for about a month. They didn’t kick us out when we lost 13 conference games in a row. They didn’t kick Vandy out when they sucked for, oh, about 20 straight seasons. Nobody is going to get kicked out. We’re not even the worst team in the league. Missouri and Vandy have that honor – and Georgia lost to Vandy.

This was not a serious post.

One of many on this board out of frustration.

Let those without any program frustration cast the first stone.

Can this program build and overcome and be a more consistent national power in our life times - Like an LSU of last decade or so?

That’s really my only question.

This OP and his response is as embarrassing as our fans getting their picture with Fournette.

The SEC is not going to kick Arkansas out. And, we are not going to kick you out, either. You can stay, but you have bring a little more in the future! Just kidding.