Why does the Cam Little miss not get emphasized

He outkicked the MsU duo and Leach to boot, but if he had made the 40 something yarder that was set up beautifully then the leg humpers would haved needed a TD and not just a FG in their final 20 second drive. 3 for 3 and he missed the one that should have mattered most and should have been the easiest because it was positioned beautifully, truly as good as could be done by Briles et al. Everything went smooth including optimal field position, great snap, good blocking and great hold but he put too much draw in the kick for the distance.

Important point is that we executed a drive with time constraints that I would have bet big money on Cam making. I feel better about Cam because of how he has performed and what he have to come to know about his motivation. We still need him to make the kick in the crunch, it was certainly potentially a game changer.

We were leaving a tidbit for you, Ray?


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What you’ve said is true.

So maybe we’re cutting him some slack for his ONLY miss because:

  1. He MADE some of the longest FGs in his career.
  2. He was named SEC Freshman of the week.
  3. He’s a big reason we actually WON the game.

Or maybe it’s on our To-Do List; we’re just preoccupied right now with trying to fire Odom for not blitzing enough.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Because he did everything else right?


Good grief!


Somebody doesn’t have enough to do…


Dudley nails it.


While we’re at it, why don’t we point out that KJ threw some incompletions. Sheesh.


Yep , we need to bench K J for missing on those 4 passes

It wasn’t that long ago a kicker left Arkansas and came back and played for North Texas and he was perfect! North Texas beat our hogs that day.
Can Little is a freshmen and up to this point in the season he has had a few misses like that last one against Miss St
And a big one against I believe Ole Miss! Going 3/4 against Miss St was huge and I think the young man is awesome.
The kick off man is also doing a great job keeping the ball in bounds and most of the time with no return! Our punting is somewhat better too!
From where we were just a few years ago I have no grip!!!

I for one am glad the margin was only 3 points, which lured MSU into attempting a tying FG. Rogers was hot and completing passes and our secondary was having trouble defending, especially on that last drive. MSU’s kicking woes were so severe that they brought in the back-up kicker cold. With all of that, I was actually relieved when they went for the FG as I felt it was lower odds than them completing a pass into the end zone on the last play.

If ARK was up by more than 3 points at the end, forcing them to go for the TD, we might have all been crying in our coffee Sunday morning.


I had the same thoughts. Especially since even a made FG was only going to send the game to OT.

If that 4th field goal had been successful, when we got the ball back with 2:22 we would have only needed a field goal to win. I’m not sure the coaches would have had the same aggressive approach in the closing seconds. It may have come down to a successful FG to win the game. I would have been having flashbacks to the Cole Hedlund blocked FG by the same team probably from about the same distance.

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I’ve decided when we win, it’s better that we don’t have the ability to change a thing. That even includes getting points when they were missed. Too many different variables that can come into play. Since it’s all imaginary, it doesn’t matter, but when we play the “what if” game, we ought to consider scenarios like you describe


Always and always true. That river keeps moving and we can never know where the next step will end up taking us. I am remembering the HH that ripped what seemed like a certain ola ms victory and put us in the win column. What torment that must rack their brains with. When the final whistle blows and we have won, it is enough.


In the SEC, if you end the game with 1 more point that the other guy, it is a great day. Thank your lucky stars. Victories in this league are special.


This was what I was thinking too. I would rather have a kicker attempt to tie than give Rogers more attempts at the end zone.

I would have been a lot more nervous about Rogers throwing one into the end zone as time expired than I was about a tying field goal-which probably would have meant I would be reading this board from the cardiac care unit of a NW Arkansas hospital.