Why does Moses almost never go back to basket for rebounds?

Over and over I watch him stand still and watch the shot when he has drifted out to screen or hangs around the high post. Can someone show him video of Lindsey Howell, the rebounding machine @ 6-5, who went after every rebound very aggressively? How does “we have to rebound harder” work when your biggest man stands flat footed and watches the shot from the shooter to the rim and then jogs down the court to the other end? Finally, late in the A&M game, he went aggressively to the board and put back in a critical rebound. Wouldn’t it be nice if he did that the entire game?

I see that at times as well, but it is also important to note that he is now 12th in offensive rebounds in school history despite limited playing time his first two years

He definitely struggles to get position at times. And 4 rebounds last night is not what we need from him. However, he is second in the SEC in RPG, so he should get credit for that.