Why does Marcus Monk sit in the Gucci seats

at the basketball games.

I was at the game Saturday and noticed him walk in and sit front row courtside.

After what all went down with him and Malik I just don’t get it. Why doesn’t he just go to Kentucky games?


As I recall, Marcus Monk played basketball for the Hogs (as well as football). Maybe he is trying to mend fences.

With the NIL back then I wonder…

Could be simply that he is an agent and there is a lot of talent on this Razorback squad that’s going to need representation. Maybe he is just using his Arkansas history/ties to get a shot to represent one of these future NBA ballers.

That said, after the crap with him and Malik, I hope he draws a blank on anyone from here. As far as I’m concerned he burned his Arkansas bridges, let him go hang around Rupp.


I don’t think he should be allowed on campus. Send his rear end back to Cal! I doubt he has any friends that he hasn’t used up yet!


Business decider ($$$$$) should stay with his KY buds. Isn’t he a Benedict Arnold clone, or is it clown?


Could someone remind me of what happened? I remember Malik chose Kentucky over us but what did Marcus do negative?

he said he chose KY as a “business decision”.

Can anyone blame a highly ranked recruit for playing for John Calipari over Mike Anderson?

It’s like asking a college grad if they want an entry level position at Enterprise or a partner position in a well established law firm.

And Enterprise splurged on cold cuts from Wal Mart during the recruiting visit.

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It’s not as if Arkansas couldn’t get him to the NBA. Whether you shine bright enough to garner an NBA draft pick is PRIMARILY up to how a player performs on the hardwood. Do you doubt this?


Glad I wasn’t there, Jeff. My first instinct would have been to spit in his general direction.
F’ing Judas.


It doesn’t fit his narrative. Trolls know nothing about loyalty but keep yapping anyway.

Of course not. But do you think Mike Anderson is a better coach than John Calipari? Do you think UA or UK played on bigger stages to help prepare for the NBA? Do you remember Monk dropping 47 v UNC in a non conference game in Vegas? Would that opportunity arose at UA?

It’s a no brainer decision.

Julian Champagnie was a two time first team all Big East player for St Johns under Mike. He left early and went undrafted. Is that Mike’s fault? I doubt it. But you think a Calipari coached two time first team all conference player is going undrafted? Rightly or wrongly, I doubt it. Perhaps I’m mistaken

Generally speaking, it’s hard to get upset if a kid chooses John Calipari over Mike Anderson. But the specifics of the Monk situation are what made a lot of fans really angry. Marcus got a position as a grad assistant on Mike’s staff, moved Malik to Bentonville, and basically lead Arkansas on until the last possible moment, at which point he steered him to Kentucky and then made up some BS about there being too many distractions at Arkansas.
I have no idea what he’s been up to since then, but I can definitely understand the hurt feelings.


Worked out well for Bobby Portis and Daniel Gafford.


Neither lottery picks. Gafford was criminally misused under CMA. He tried to make him a back to the basket post player instead of an elite rim runner. Prior to his sophomore season DG was projected first rounder. Ended up in the second round. Would’ve behooved him to leave after his freshman year

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If the NBA could find Pippin at UCA they can find someone at UA.

UK playing more on TV has NOTHING to do with getting noticed by the NBA.

Which coach was better? Cal is clearly better at recruiting. Coach outside of that? Not sure.

It isn’t like Anderson didn’t put players in the NBA.

IMO the better “business decision” for Monk would have been to go to UA because he was from Arkansas. The state of Kentucky basically doesn’t even remember him. Here, he would have been a hometown hero. In the long run that would have helped him more. Again, just my opinion.


Back to the OP’s question:

I would assume those seats are all sold to BMP and BMG donors and the only way Marcus could get a seat would be if one of those holders gave or sold it to him. I assume initially (2014?) they were all sold, probably with rights to renew every year. I know only BM donors were given options to purchase the seats annually.

The first seats sold were for $5,000 each per year for the first 5 years, then $8,000 a year after that. That would make them at least $8.000 per year now.

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Nobody would argue this point. But UK definitely offers a better option to prep for the NBA. UK plays on bigger stages against better opponents. CMA’s style lends its self to less minutes for stars and isn’t a style typically seen in the NBA.

Again, see Julian Champagnie. Also check out DG and BP’s stock after returning for their sophomore year. CMA’s style is conducive to highlight individual talents and showcase skills to improve draft stock.