Why does JSJ not get a look

why does John Stephen Jones not get any snaps? the offense had no production from Ben Hicks for the 1st 6 quarters this year, we got a spark from Starkel, but he apparently suffers from Big Arm syndrome, thusly his brain turns off when he looks downfield. I read that during camp, jones moved the ball with every team he worked with. I know he cant be slower than Hicks, (if he is than that answers my question) and in this offense, I would think getting the ball to the receiver in space would be more important than being able to throw it 50 yards on a string. Was Morris just talking up JSJ to keep Jerry coming to the games? He sounds like a gamer that would leave it all on the field.

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Have to believe the coaches see practice and there is not enough separation between Hicks and JSJ to warrant a change. We as fans must believe the coaches since we aren’t privy to watching practices. GHG

Hicks has trouble at 6’1 seeing over the line at times.

Isn’t Jones shorter even?

Roster says 5’10

I think there are certain intangibles that are greater than physical attributes. Some athletes possess more than others. It is a somewhat innate playmaking skill that can turn a 3 yard gain into a 60 yard score, Doug Flutie had it, Joe Montana did as well while neither were physically gifted. Not saying that Jones has it, but sometimes sheer determination and a keen playmaking skill will overcome the physical attributes, there has been many a 6’5 QB that could throw it threw a wall, but could not command a consistant offensive flow. I am just saying, that Hicks and Starkel have not set the world on fire and if we continue to sputter, why not give the kid a chance, Sometime you cant see until the spot light is on.

Are you saying that based on passes being batted down at the LOS? I know Starkel has had several of those as well… I think that may be more on the offensive line than the QB’s

Exactly…that is what our resident OLine coach said.

Good point, that may be the issue, but a more mobile QB may be what the oline needs, someone that can move around and find a passing lane.


could not agree more… our 2 qb’s are each doing things well, but not scoring a ton of points (by today’s standards). I’d love to see JSJ for all the reasons you said. and the way he moved any offense he played with during practice, I’d love to see him on the field.

Maybe if we get a big lead on Kentucky he’ll get a shot.


I continue to believe we will see a lot of JSJ before the year is over, just makes sense unless we go on a run of wins. WPS

I thought part of the run-pass option was the quarterback keeping after faking to the tailback and putting pressure on the DE, cornerback and linebacker to make a decision. I have watched every game and can remember only one time our quarterback kept and ran for any positive yards. What am I missing? That might open up the middle a little more on short yardage plays and give us a better chance of Boyd breaking a long one on first downs.

Agreed, our only run option is the running back, a running qb could cool off those ends and linebackers.

I agree, give JSJ at least few snaps…some players are gamers, put them in a game vs practice and they become a different player.

Didn’t Hicks say after the game that the touchdown pass was a running play that he pulled the ball and gave Woods the chance to make the play?

My daughter, who is 5-9, says she is taller than JSJ. He is not fast enough to be a running option. His “success” this summer was scripted success against scout teamers.

Good kid, it seems, and smart. He likely knows the offense well, but cannot execute a big chunk of the playbook. JSJ is the emergency QB until we get to KJ’s four games.

His stats against top HS competition, the very same Chandler Morris is facing currently and last year, say different. Be interesting to compare the two stat wise when Chandler’s HS season ends. I would like to see what he can do, hopefully that happens sometime this season.

Because he’s not a FBS level player. He’s also 5’8.

I have stood next to JSJ a few times and I am a little taller than him. I am 5-9.

He was an outstanding high school QB and his coaches say he has definitely done some good things in practice.

What I wonder is if that has been against the 2nd and 3rd team defenses?

That being said, I am not going to say he is NOT an FBS player. I think that would be silly of me to say at this point on his career.

We get the defensive and offensive coaches for interviews for the first time during the season so I am guessing that a lot of questions will be asked to each coach about those playing and not playing.

I don’t think any of us are qualified to say who should & shouldn’t get playing time, especially if they’ve had no playing time for us to judge them on. CCM is responsible for the end product, but I can’t imagine that any of us are as capable as he & the staff to say who is ready & who isn’t.

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