Why do we think Chavis is the answer

Good points. Unless you flat out have better personnel on defense than the teams you’re playing on offense, the current rules that favor offenses so strongly make it hard-to-impossible for defenses to dominate in this era.

I support the Chavis hire. Our program is down in the national perception. Getting someone with Chavis’ pedigree is a great coup for Morris if you ask me.

Key to judge will be are they recruiting better players than the last coaching staff did. Without players it will not matter in this conference what you do or how you do it.

The thing I see on Chavis is that even when his defenses have given up a lot of points, they have been very good at getting lots of lost yardage plays. I think that is what CM wants, pressure on the other team to either force quick stops/turnovers or to match us score for score all day. I think he can live with a high risk/high reward defense if he gets rewarded a few more times a game than burned. I don’t think he can stomach bend but don’t break, because he wants to dictate the game through his offense.

I think he has faith that his offense can take whatever the defense gives and be successful, be it running or passing, and that he will grind the other guys down if he gets enough snaps. But he needs the ball to run enough plays to make that work.

Two things here:

It isn’t that I don’t want Chavis necessarily. It’s that I don’t think he is elite and the data supports that. You can’t explain away the data. I don’t think we should pay Chavis over a million bucks a year. His results at Aggie-land are mediocre, at best. I’ve posted multiple examples on this board. Is he experienced? Yes, and you’ll get no argument from me about that. But elite? He had some elite defenses at LSU but Texas A&M wasn’t very good on defense.

People want to say it’s about the Jimmy and Joe’s. I agree with that. Chavis isn’t known for being a good recruiter so how is HE going to get better recruits here. We have ONE defensive end recruit that is now interested in visiting but let’s see where he signs.

When Arkansas has had good recruits, we’ve had good defenses. I’ve posted data to support that as well. Many people are expecting Chavis to be a defensive “wizard”. There’s no evidence to support that when he hasn’t had good recruits. The big question here is who is going to get the recruits?

One of those is Caldwell on the defensive side and I DO think he is a good coach. I’m happy to have him back on the Hill.

People also want to say it’s because the Aggies were running a fast paced offense and it hurt the defense. Guess what people? CCM is saying he’s going to go full tilt boogie and all of that stuff too. So if Chavis couldn’t put a successful defense at place in College Station, why would he be able to do it at Arkansas?

Head coaches fault? Culture? Oh if that’s the case let’s go hire Willy Robinson back. After Petrino was fired, there were all kinds of excuses as to why Willy had been unsuccessful here. Culture and the way the head coach ran his practices here were the leading excuses.

You say “Who do you think is better?” That’s the common response when people can’t explain the results he’s put together at A&M. DD was jesting at people who didn’t like the hire but couldn’t name better candidates. Let’s see… here’s a few with just some easy google work.

Dave Wommack has been pretty successful as a DC and had some highly ranked defenses. Then, there is Chad Glasgow at TCU. Wisconsin’s Jim Leonard. How about Troy Koenning at Troy? That guy has a heck of a resume. Heck, if we’re going to break out the bank - Kevin Steele is making 1.2 at Auburn. Pay him 1.4 or 1.5 to come here. He’s already shown he’ll move around the SEC for $. I think he’s wanting a HC job next but you never know.

“Do I know they will come here?” Another bs comeback when you don’t like the data. Simple answer - No, I don’t. But I also don’t know that they WON’T come here and neither does anyone else. Maybe some have non-compete clauses, I don’t know.

People banging the drum want a “name” and there is a familiarity with Chavis. I understand that. CCM is going to hire the guy he wants and that’s completely his right. But I know many of you are going to be clamoring a few years from now that Chavis isn’t getting it done and someone will say it’s about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s and they are right. I think CCM should go identify a DC that is a helluva recruiter and also a good X’s and O’s guy.

I’m good with whoever CMM gets. It’s his job to find someone he thinks can do the job. If we recruit the right players, the coaches will be just fine.

100% correct. It’s Morris’ job to get who he thinks can do the job. It is their (all the coaches) job to get the right players.

BUT, I’m not sure the coaches will be just fine. I hope they are, but when Chavis’ name surfaced and Clay made his “why not” statement and I did my research on Chavis, I got very unexcited. Almost to the point I was when we hired CBB. The guys on the old board will tell you, I was very, very vocal with my dislike of his hire, and keeping the Allen’s.

He will do an excellent job. We will need to recruit for at least a couple of classes to get the job done. We are way behind in talent. He and Coach Morris will do an excellent job in putting together a defensive staff. Coach Chavis knows far more about defense than any of you and me.

Dave Wommack has retired as a DC. I think he is a great coach, however, he has already been sacrificed once on the hill so Nutt could keep his job.

Jim Leonard has zero ties to Texas and the southeast. I agree he is a good coach, but could he recruit to here? Would he come? If you threw Aranda money probably. Difference is Aranda has LSU talent to work with, we don’t.

Koenning has been around a long time over at troy. He is a good coach and would come cheaper.

When building this place, we need a “name” for someone to relate to. That is what high school coaches can relate to. The jimmy and joes come to Arkansas due to the coaches and the coaching they will receive and can they get to the league. Without coach ties we have already seen that recruits are not loyal or willing to come to the u of a out of love. Chavis gives you a name to fight with the big boys over.

this is the best thread I’ve read on this board in a long long time. kudos to all the posters that contributed to this thread. i learned a lot, heard two sides intelligently review their points and opinions. no-one was called stupid, no insults. in fact after reading this thread I’m a bit more comfortable with Chavis as our defensive coordinator if he is hired. good job posters…

i completely agree on all counts

If Chavis is the answer,… it seems unusual that he still hasn’t been formally annouced? Is this deal done or is he just the leading candiddate?

People are saying it’s more to do with aTm, but aTm hired a DC today, so we should have some kind of news soon, I’d think

I stand by my assertion that he is a very good DC.

You don’t get the rep and the $ that he has made unless that is the truth.

I don’t know if Chavis will be the answer. But, the things that give me some hope are that he is a “name” that could help in recruiting (there aren’t a ton of “name” coordinator). I also like that his connections are with our recruiting areas/bases (Tx and La).

Lastly, I like that he tries to make things happen. That helps in recruiting. Defensive players want to play aggressive styles. They don’t want to sit back and play gap control.

I personlly think that is what defenses are going to be about in this era. The rules and styles make it very difficult to consistently stop spread offenses.

So, you need to be able to make big plays and give the ball back to your spread offense.

My biggest gripe of the Bielema era is that we sat back, and played a bend-but-don’t break style that didn’t work and we gave up tons of big plays, anyway.

I would have much rather have seen us try to put teams away. The style led to lots of blown leads and losses.

The bottom line is to recruit better players. Arkansas does that, John Chavis will be just fine, maybe really good.

The issue is and always will be finding players at Arkansas.

I do not know of any defensive coordinator who can win without players at Arkansas. None.

I think both Robb Smith and Paul Rhoads are good coaches. They have a good reputation, but Arkansas was without players.

That has to change. Players want to know there is an established veteran coach on defense. There will be.

I get a little amused at the line from some: go find a young energetic coach who can recruit. Who is that guy?

John Chavis will be the closer on the recruits Chad Morris and staff find. He will be able to evaluate for his system, then explain it in detail. I’m completely sold on the hire.

When Chavis was hired at A&M I was bitter because they had a proven name guy to take over there defense and felt a bit of jealousy because we couldn’t afford to make that kind of move. Now I hope he gets surrounded by coaches so we can use his knowledge and expertise to improve our bad defense. Hopefully others will be envious soon.

I hear you and he is a name with experience.

My concern is he had elite talent at end of LSU run and they called him “3rd and Chavis” and didn’t seem to mind him leaving.

He had elite talent at A and M and was hired to help save Sumlin’s job and his d’s were not very good.

Who were we competing against to get Chavis at this stage of his career?

My fear is that he will claim from day one that he doesn’t have the talent at Arkansas as an excuse.

He likely will never have elite talent of his last stops.

I think it’s a potentially good hire for Morris in the sense that few if any on Morris staff have SEC experience so a Yoda like guy for consulting makes sense.

Did we beat out several other major players for his services and why would he want our job remain questions to me.

But no doubt he has long time SEC experience and hopefully has the fire and ability to coach up talent and win.

Our D has desperately needed something and maybe this is it.

These seem to be valid concerns. I think you can have concerns and that there are also reasons for optimism.

His success may hinge upon who is hired to fill out the staff and how well they are able to recruit.

I’m going to make one last post on this and then drop it on my end for a bit.

We all agree that the most important thing is the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. Historically, we’ve never been strong recruiters across the defense although we’ve had exceptional players, at times, that make up for a lot. Steve Caldwell is an encouraging sign if he comes back and by all rumors, he will. Many people say Chavis will be the closer. We’ll see. If he can help close on some talent, I’m all for it. It doesn’t really look like he did at A&M though. (I’ve posted the data to prove it.)

Let’s take a 3 year look see on this if he indeed get’s hired. If he turns out to be all that he is made out to be, I’ll happily come back and say I’m wrong. It would be good to be wrong on this one. If not, well, I’ll be upset with a lot of other Razorback fans.