Why do we think Chavis is the answer

I like the guy personally he signed a TE of mine way back in 89 but he is done anything at Texas A&M with far better athletes than he has here. I’m just having a hard time trying to understand how we think he’s going to do better for us

Don’t say we. I’ve said if Morris takes Chavis, it’ll be his first MISTAKE.

Will he not be the most accomplished football defensive coordinator that the Hogs have ever had? Thats not to say that he is going to work miracles with Hogs, but he should give us as good of a chance to be great as any DC out there, correct? Given our performance for as long as I care to remember, this will be a welcomed change!

Nobody is going to take Arkansas’ current athletes on defense and make it a great defense.

Chavis is a proven guy. Period.

There are not a lot of so called great defensive coordinators now that can stop spread defenses.

You also need to have a great staff, but most of all you need to have players.

As a couple of Arkansas recruits have already said, Chavis gets their attention

This is not the college football of old.

He has high negatives and high positives. We are buying the experience. No other team will have as much experience at DC as we do. Experience-that offsets all the negatives and we get the name. The name will get us in the doors of the recruits. Surround him with recruiting machines, and it can be a winning formula.

I would think it would not be surprising to Coach Morris of how quickly the sentiment of the fans can change, so I would be inclined to take the position of whoever he is willing to bet his job security on, would be good with me. While I prefer a younger Coach, I have high hopes the defensive staff Chavis can put together will more than offset my concerns.

Youdaman-what do you think about Campbell? Isn’t that a good sign?

I would rather have a proven guy, to come in and hopefully gets things going in the right direction…

Think there are going to be a lot of surprised people if it is not Chavis. Don’t be surprised if Morris goes a different direction.

Clay had it right today on the radio. It is about the Jimmys and Joes. Got to have those, especially need them in the front. Right now our defense may have 1 J if that. Better get them. Get the right people, and you will have a good defense.

Chavis is a great proven Defensive Coordinantor. He will be aggressive and he can coach em up. But he will have to land the talent to compete.
To me I think Chavis is a great hire.

DD, when you say “proven”, exactly what do you mean by that? I know the guy has a reputation for being a good DC but when you start really looking into the data it really doesn’t measure up to being elite. I will admit I thought the guy was pretty good when he was at Tennessee but since then I’ve not been too impressed. Arkansas has mostly been able to move the ball and score against his defenses at LSU and A&M. In fact, if Arkansas had a defense at all we would have won those games. I have no problem with the hire if we’re paying in the 700-800k range but I don’t see him being worth the >$1 mil. He had better recruits at both places as well.

Texas A&M’s defense was much better with Chavis than without.

Perhaps… but let’s go to the data here.

Total Defense Rankings according to <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.teamrankings.com/college-fo … 2014-01-06”>https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/stat/opponent-yards-per-game?date=2014-01-06</LINK_TEXT>

Aggies = 77th
Hogs = 111

Aggies = 99
Hogs = 79

Aggies = 50
Hogs = 46

So for the 3 years he was at Texas A&M, the Hogs were better 2 of the 3 in total defense. However, it does take a change when he was at LSU

LSU = 9th
Hogs = 10th

LSU = 20
Hogs = 86

LSU = 8
Hogs = 72

LSU = 2nd
Hogs = 55

LSU = 14
Hogs = 48

LSU = 22nd
Hogs 96

His defense was better every year there. Most would say because recruiting was better.

Texas A&M hired and payed him based on his performance at LSU - appropriately so. I have no argument that he deserved it then. HOWEVER, I do have an argument that his performance at Texas A&M does not warrant the kind >$1 mil. dollars being discussed to bring him here. If he’s really the guy, pay him $800k and then load it up with performance bonuses. And if any Razorback fans think he’s going to be able to recruit at Arkansas like he did at LSU , well that’s just not been done before so I would ask for some very objective data on why he could start doing that all of a sudden here.

Chavis knows the SEC very very well. That’s just one of the many reasons he’s a good hire. While I think Chad has an idea of what it’s going to be like, I still think that having Chavis on board with that experience will help the tansition of being a head coach in the SEC.

I am not comparing his defenses against the hogs defense. I am comparing the defense of TAMU with Chavis and their defense without him.

With Chavis
2017: 77
2016: 99
2015: 50

Without Chavis
2014: 114
2013: 110
2012: 62

I like the aggressive style of defense he will bring and I I think we have good enough DB’s to play the Pressman that it takes to have a great attacking defense. I like John Chavis and think he can get us some good recruits my only concern was he hasn’t really done that great lately at Texas A&M with very good recruits so the staff he surrounds himself with as far as recruiters I think we’ll Define his tenure here

Yes, I get that. Very mediocre to poor results.

I think a lot of the TAM issues lie with the former coach who was replaced creating this opportunity to hire JC. TAM was willing to extend his contract prior so I think they were comfortable with his job but they were not comfortable with the head coach. I think two things need to be factored in on any discussion of coaches 1) how much talent do they have to work with and 2) what do they have to do within the overall scheme that head coach runs. I read where the JC TAM defenses were on the field much longer the past three years due to the fast pace offense TAM ran. Unless you have depth that costs you in the long run. I suspect if CM wants to go full tilt then his defenses will need talent to get off field on third down (look for defense staff to be good recruiters too) and they will have to blend in with his fast pace offenses.

I saw Kirby Smart’s two comments on what he looks for in coach–how well do they recruit and how well does his players play for him. Chavis is not noted for being a recruiter but that is not backed up by history—fact the #1 JC DE is interested in Ark now is confirmation. Chavis defenses have always played hard for him as a general rule.

Finally experience in SEC has a value for young and new coach like CM ,particularly for in game adjustments/ decisions. Change in spread offenses and high scoring games are now the normal and low scoring games are now history. Key for defenses today is getting third down stops and not giving up long plays. CM and JC (or who ever is coordinator) will have to work closely to be successful. I like CM offensive focus on running the ball and making you cover the field. That should help our defense get ready for who we play as well. Chavis is a good defensive coordinator .

HogQ, I get you don’t want Chavis. Then who do you think is better for the job?

Not everything about this hire is strictly DC related. Morris is new to the SEC. Chavis has spent his entire career in it. He knows high school coaches throughout the Southeast to get a door opened for recruiting. He brings experience to a staff that appears to lack a lot of that. The coaches brought from SMU so far were first time assistants at SMU so this will be their second full time job. Doesn’t mean that they didn’t learn as high school coaches and/or graduate assistants, however, not a lot of experience. Chavis and Caldwell fit well together. Dan Brooks, the former DL coach at Clemson was the other DL coach at Tennessee under Chavis so there is a true familiarity with Morris and Chavis.

We at Arkansas constantly complain about not getting top notch assistants and/or head coaches. Here we are hiring arguably one of the best DC in the SEC no less over the past 20 years and folks don’t like the hire. To get stud athletes they have to believe that the coach is gonna put them in the league. You get that from the man who coached the great ones at Tennessee, Lsu and A&M.