why do we need top notch Wifi at RRS?

I’m there to watch a game and maybe listen to the radio broadcast

Cant we put that IMG money to better use?

You are not the fan the university is trying to attract to games. You’ll come to games for the product on the field. Many want amenities to supplement the on-field experience.

I have tried to come to this sight for info during games on my IPhone for injuries , penalty explanations, player info, etc. and get very frustrated with the service in the stadium.
Also, its nice to check scores of other games.
I think it is a great investment.

And yes, I do watch the product on the field.

Bingo. There are many good reasons to have wi-fi at RRS. You hit on a very good one.

My third, and final, child just completed his degree at the UA last May. I’ve had one or two at the UA for the past 14 years. My impression is that the poor WIFI was not just limited to the stadium on game day. I hope the university has invested in better WIFI access and usability for all students. I think the way cell phones progressed so quickly, the UA (and I suspect other colleges) underestimated the demand for WIFI. My son basically gave up on using the UA WIFI access because it was so slow and not always available. I know student access is unrelated to game day access… which has been nearly nonexistent. The point is, students are using WIFI or cellular data for a high percentage of what they do, whether it is just social media or actual school work.

No matter what is happening on the field, if the camera scans a close view of the student section, the majority of the students are looking at their phones not the field. (I saw this happening at Hoover during the SEC baseball tournament and again in Omaha.) They are trying to attract and keep a whole different group of fans than the majority on this board. Matt is absolutely right.

Chris Freet made a great point in my interview with him. He said that every student wants to share their gameday experience on social media, and they all expect the ability to do it quickly and easily. A generation hooked on their cellphone is going to make up a sizable portion of the ticket-buying population within a decade. You have to do whatever you can to cater to their desires.

Another important aspect is this: IMG wants to have dependable Wi-Fi in the stadium so it can go to corporate sponsors and sell targeted digital advertising. IMG will determine the best use for its money and it’s possible Arkansas would not have received the additional $6 million in this contract without the Wi-Fi component.

It’s kind of like the argument against stadium expansion. There was not $120 million sitting around to spend on the academic side of campus, but the investment will generate revenue.

Another Wi-Fi component that has not been mentioned is the emerging technologies for football teams. There is thought that college teams are going to be able to use tablets on the sideline in the near future. I would assume those will require strong Internet signals.

If a rule like that is passed, you’ll see every stadium enhancing its Wi-Fi capabilities in some form or fashion.

To check your fantasy team during timeouts.

And some people are trying to listen to the radio broadcast using the app on their phone. Which requires WiFi

I feel bad if you are trying to listen to the broadcast through the app. It is about three plays behind.

Agreed. But it beats not listening at all. I tried to listen to the '15 Auburn game in my hotel room in Frankfurt, Germany. I had WiFi but the app didn’t work. So my son ended up texting me updates from the EIC. Those transatlantic texts ended up costing me about $80.

Meanwhile, SECN video of FAMU game was about 10 seconds behind Chuck, so the lag goes both ways

The whole idea is to eliminate any thought of staying home. Anything that enhances stadium experience is good. The young crowd wants to use mobile devices as much as possible. Instant access to all things.

The technology has vastly improved. The delay is still there, but it is not nearly as long as it used to be. There were times during the baseball season when I used the app and it was not all that bad. (I had to use the app anytime the game was not on the FM station, as the AM station cannot be heard in Baum.)

Not having the ability to connect to the web isn’t something that would ever have kept me from coming to a game (but then I am 54, not 22), but it is frustrating not being able to check other scores (and who ever is in charge of giving updates to scores of other games on the scoreboard is either incompetent or maybe they can’t get scores either because of bad internet, it is one or the other).

I am glad to see it.

I’m curious what OP would prefer we use that money for. Especially since the entity that is providing the money, IMG, also has an interest in improving the WiFi service at the UA venues.

Better internet would be great for being able to check other scores. The scores on the scoreboards are limited, not shown often enough, and not updated frequently.

And even if they are current, they require that you look at the right time. Using your phone allows you to view the scores that interest you during a break in the action and doesn’t force you to watch the scroll.

It is so important to our everyday life now that if it wasn’t up to par it would give fans a reason not to come.