Why do we make QB's look like Heisman winners?

I’m not just talking about the second half of the CSU game. For the past several years the opposing (average) QB’s have had amazing days against us. It isn’t unusual for for very average guys to have games like 22-26 for 350 yards and 3 TD’s. Streaks of 15 in a row, etc. (I didn’t look up every game. Just throwing out examples.)

On multiple plays last Saturday, we don’t even attempt to cover a super hot receiver. Nobody moved anywhere near him. It’s like he is invisible until he catches a ball and is completely uncovered.

If you watch in slo-mo, you will repeatedly see 2,3, or 4 guys running free.

Is it the scheme? Are we unable to jam anyone? Have we not had enough adequate players for several years?

Maybe I’m just frustrated, but it seems like our receivers are frequently blanketed and covered well with little or no separation and I wonder why we haven’t been able to do the same to them? We hold them to 3rd and 8 and they routinely throw the ball 10 yards to a guy standing there and nobody is within 5 yards of him. Why??

This is so true. You put a plow mule at quarterback against our defense these past 20-25 years and he plays like a thoroughbred. We just haven’t had good defensive football teams, for most of those years.

I read and hear where Coach Chavis’ defense is geared to pressure the quarterback with tight, press coverage. I haven’t seen it…maybe he is waiting until we play Alabama to unveil this defense. You know…we don’t want to show our opponents our secrets. :lol:

I asked Clay and others what Chavis meant after the first game when he said we did not bring more pressure because “ of reasons he would not get in to.” Did he mean we don’t have the personnel to cover and thus can’t bring a lot of pressure, don’t understand the system yet, some combination of both?

I think it’s clear what the answer is - at present we have one CB that would play on most good SEC teams, no dynamic pass rushers and that includes Ramsey, etc.

We don’t have enough high end SEC players on either side of the ball. Not even close really.

I think it’s talent level also.

I also agree that as of right now we really only have 1 sec corner, but Chevin will likely get there with time.

I’m not sure how many of any of our DL are quality SEC guys. Agim is the most talented, but has largely not lived up to the hype of a 5 star, and some of that is due to the lack of talent around him. I don’t buy the randy Ramsey hype, he’s been here for years and never done anything but whine and complain on social media.

Dre and scoota are good linebackers, but good linebackers need other players around them.

Santos doesn’t have SEC speed and still tries to hit people and not wrap up. Kam could be a good safety after this season, experience is key for him in my opinion.

We need a lot of upgrades in order to stop giving guys their heisman break out like game.

We are in agreement on almost everything. Not a lot of SEC players right now. This is going to be a long and trying process… buckle up!

Chavis didn’t suddenly forget how to call defenses. For that matter, his predecessors understood it, too. We all know the problem. We don’t have enough good players. We’ve got to recruit ourselves back into a good program. Hate to say it, but we’re still probably at least 2 years away.

This is why we often hear the coach say “they gave great effort”. While great effort is always good, a slower guy giving great effort can’t catch a faster guy who is also giving great effort.
We are chasing speed in a number of areas.

All too true on the lack of talent… Kentucky has more defensive talent than us right now, a sad reality.


All too true on the lack of talent… Kentucky has more defensive talent than us right now, a sad reality.

So does Vanderbilt.

Thank you Bert …

Wait a minute…we have a 5 Star and several 4 stars playing defense. I don’t buy this cop out about our athletes not having enough talent. The chief’s overall defenses were weak at A&M so what makes you think it’s going to be better here?? The CSU game proved my point. I hope we drastically improve tomorrow but if we don’t, it’s a long season.

Lack of a pass rush is the key. The best pressure guys in the front are Randy Ramsey, Dre Greenlaw and Dorian Gerald. Sosa Agim and Armon Watts are capable but it will help to get those three back.

Without question, defensive line play is critical if you are going to disrupt a quarterback and want to play press coverage.

To the OP, it’s pretty simple, we have had horrible Safety play for the last 3 seasons and it’s only slightly better right now. One nice looking athlete that doesn’t have it is gone, and another remains. Pass coverage also is not the strength of most of our LBs the past few years.