Why do we even have a reçruiting board?

Jesus just one first teamer and one third teamer? What a shame!

Yeah it’s a bit sad.

I was really excited about this 18’ class too… was. I now think it’s the most mediocre maybe less class I’ve seen under CBB. It also seems the guys they are targeting now are also just mediocre. Would love to see some difference makers on thisclass even though it’s small. But it doesn’t seem like we are even in the running for any studs. I do think Bumper pool and the DTackle are huge gets.

I would wait and see what the all conference selections look like after the season. After losing the last two games of the season, obviously the media doesn’t expect much out of the Hogs for the season so you’re not going to get many guys picked in the preseason too.

Because it reports about all sports, not just football.

As for football recruiting, it’s always about the finish, not the beginning.

Let’s see what happens with the last 4-7 spots before we pronounce judgement.

Dre Greenlaw would likely have made one of the three teams had he been healthy all of last year.

Obviously Rawleigh would have, too.

Not sure who else would have deserve a spot.

That’s what I’m getting at. Maybe four on the list. Just not much talent; at least in the eyes of the media types. How in the world can you expect this team to win nine games? You can’t.

Not sure I’d go to town over a preseason media list of best players. So often they’re wrong (and most of them will tell you that), and so often there are surprises during the season.

I don’t expect them to win nine games

jeez the drama…

Seeing as how well you follow recruiting, do you see a time period in the near future when we can expect to win 9? Is the talent on the way? Thanks.

As usual, success at Arkansas will always be based on getting some 3 ad 4 stars and coaching them up.

Since there has never been a wealth of 5 stars showing up here no matter the coach, that has always been the key.

I think they have several significant recruits in this class already on board - Pool, Gooden and others - but need to close strong.

But to answer you question, yes, I think this staff is capable of winning nine games, but I don’t think it will happen this year

Do you think it will be next year? I’m Concerned how many SEC teams will have experience at QB as we break in a new starter at the most important position on the field.

Great news. Thanks.