Why do we bother

Let’s face it. Arkansas football is dead. Let’s have the courage and good sense to just admit it. If we are going to remain in the SEC, we need to become a baseball and basketball school. The BOT’s have proven once again that they are not serious about fielding a competitive football team. They just hope fans show up to games for the honor of watching the Auburn’s, LSU’s, Alabama’s, run our State team off the field. Why are we wasting money upgrading the football facilities while not upgrading the staff? There is only one logical answer. The PTB just don’t care about football. I truly believe some of the commentators on ESPN when they said Arkansas sacrificed competitiveness in exchange for financial security. Heck. The SEC really didn’t even want us. They thought they would get Texas if they brought us in. If we really wanted a competitive football program, as well as other sports like track, basketball, gymnastics and so on, we need to leave and join the B12. Closer to our natural recruiting base and less travel. We would gradually become relevant in football again.

Way to overreact.

This from the guy that was telling us we were overreacting as Chad Morris proved himself to be the worst coach in all of CFB LOL

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Take a chill pill! All programs have their ups & downs. We will recover.

Too much incoming donor & other money to the UofA for the PTB to not care about the football program & what is best for the University.

Until HY, we had no one, except for an unqualified BOT, overseeing UofA athletics after Broyles.

I don’t recall saying people were overreacting, but I did say people were putting too much on Morris, which is still true, but he’s gone. It it what it is.

Most ups and downs don’t stay prominent for nearly a DECADE so I understand the impatience and frustrations.

All programs have ups and downs but only our finished the season with the mumps, has not won a conference game in almost 800 days, and has not won a home conference game in over 1000 days.

When Broyles retired in December 2007, we did not have an effective AD, only a BOT & JL who were without a clue about athletics. Let HY do his job.

Our basketball stunk too for much of the past 2 decades with many saying it would never come back.

Agreed but basketball was not the worst program in P5

No, but not a big difference or consolation being a losing team vs the worst team.

Go back and look at LSU’s record from 1987-1999. 76-72 during that stretch.