Why Do These Things Happen at Ole Miss?

Some crazy, crazy games over there.

Two bad teams playing a crazy game. Just happy for our players. They needed something good to happen for them.

It’s funny & strange, but I think it’s just one of those streaky things. We’ve had the opposite experience with TAMU. All games have been competitive & all could’ve gone the other way, but A&M games have gone their way, Ole Miss has gone ours. However, I admit the Ole Miss games have been more strange. After that “Hunter Heave” game, you just know those Ole Miss fans are wondering what kind of curse we’ve put on them. Now to lose on a last second FG after being up 31-7 by the middle 2nd quarter is unbelievable. (Well, I knew we’d win when it was 31-7, but I doubt most others felt that way. :smiley: )