Why do the A&M baseball jerseys say "Texas Aggies?"

Their institution is not Texas as in the University of. They are the Texas Agriculture & Mechanical University and that is abbreviated into Texas A&M. Their mascot is the Aggie so why are they leaving out the part of their name that makes them unique from the other Texas schools? Is Texas Southern Tigers now going to call themselves Texas Tigers? Is TCU now going to be the Texas Horned Frogs instead of Texas Christian University or TCU Horned Frogs? Texas Tech going to be just the Texas Red Raiders? I know the Aggies are wierd so what can they be thinking with this new name combination?

probably their reasoning is that THEY are the REAL University of Texas and its a delibrate attempt to harass and make fun of the Longhorns problems…the basketball uniforms said the same thing…don’t really know the reason…just an assumption on my part…kinda like ASU’s "Red Wolf"looks similar to a front facing Razorback

I have wondered the same thing. And they have done it for several years, at least.

Three of their uniforms in 2022 had Texas Aggies.

I think Texas A&M wore “Texas Aggies” jerseys for many years in baseball. People were fired up when the jerseys made a comeback, kind of like when the slobber hog was put on Arkansas’ basketball uniforms this year.

It’s short for “Texas Agricultural “
A throwback to their origins as a University
They were the Land Grant institution, in 1871, same year as the UA

UT is actually the little brother chronologically

I get how Aggie is an appropriate mascot, but there are lots of Texas “Something” schools in that state and it would be even wierder if they all dropped all of their actual name except for Texas. I guess the Aggies can say we were wierd first so no one else gets to do the same.

It’s also in their fight song
“Good luck to the dear old Texas Aggies…”

My Alma Mater is Arkansas A&M (now UA Monticello). We (thankfully) didn’t use Aggies. However I’ve never figured out why in the world we used BoIl Weevils for our mascot. I suppose it’s original.

The Boll Weevil probably had more effect on the economy of that area (perhaps the whole south) than any other single thing and they were a branch of the Ag school. Makes a lot of sense.

My son was a member of the Fightin Texas Aggie marching band. I"ll try and get an explanation from him, but I know they have been calling themselves that for at least 50 years. Probably longer.

IIRC, UAM was founded at the same time as ASWho, Tech and SAU. The Legislature passed a bill in 1909 to create agricultural schools in the four corners of the state, and those were the four. Russellville is not very much in the corner, but UA already existed in that corner.

And UAPB was once Arkansas AM&N, so they could have been aggies too.

Yep. AM&N was also a land-grant school, as were several of the HBCUs around the South. The N in AM&N stood for Normal, which is the old-fashioned description of a teacher’s college.

One of our pastors did a sermon that mentioned how Boll Weevils wiped out cotton farming in Georgia which led to farmers turning to peanuts where cotton once grew. After the sermon I told him about Boll Weevils being my school’s mascot. He thought I was kidding.

And I can’t remember what point he was making about Boll Weevils.


In a way, saying the Texas A&M Aggies is redundant…not incorrect, but Aggies literally is a slang word created to describe someone who attends an Agricultural school.

I’m no fan of A&M, but this is a non-issue to me. Neither confusing or “stupid”, as so many things they do are.

Also only so much room on the jersey.

Budget constraints on the printing/embroidery

I don’t think they have many budget restraints on anything! Certainly not on N.I.L.

And yet the school in Conway chose not to be normal. Instead going with Arkansas State Teacher’s College.

The old AIC produced some unusual names. Wonder Boys, Mule Riders, Boll Weevils, Reddies.

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