Why do teams use the spread?

[size=150]It WORKS![/size]

It creates mis-matches all over the field.
Especially when d backs play 5-8 yards off the receiver.

I don’t think defenses are any closer to routinely stopping it now than five years ago. It’s amazing how much it has changed the game.

The only way to beat them, consistently, is score a ton of points. The good news is that most of them have very bad defenses.

That’s unless we’re talking about AU. Their spread offense is awful without a freak athlete at QB.

So did the wishbone, run and shoot, single wing, etc. Each, for a while, gave a chance to lesser talented teams to compete against more talented teams. Defenses are gradually catching up and teams that control the time of possession with power running and procession passing are actually increasing in number. Auburn’s spread when working is mostly a running offense, not a passing offense. The reason that South Carolina and Georgia both wanted our offensive coordinator was not to install a spread offense. Even Vanderbilt is running our offense now. The spread will continue to work well for some teams but our style is actually on the upswing. Stanford and Wisconsin are making it work. We just need defensive backs like UAB used to beat MissState’s spread attack Saturday. That is our problem, not our offense.