Why do some of you think Bush is going to flip?

I keep seeing posts believing he will. What gives you that impression?
I hope not!!

Because he may not the signing during the early period anymore. Most assume he will flip to LSU if given the chance

Seems pretty obvious he’s looking for a more attractive offer.

He’s not like Collin Clay or Trey Knox, you know those guys want to be razorbacks. Bush doesn’t show much for anyone to think he wants to be a Razorback. He will jump at the first thing that’s a little more shiny.

I read an article where Bush said his grandfather was a big part of his recruitment and had just had a heart attack. Said he wouldn’t be out of the hospital until January and wanted him there when he signed.

Nobody who really has a clue has said anything about him flipping. There are a lot of recruits looking to see who signs tomorrow to make sure coaches are being honest with them and not signing somebody that they didn’t know about.

Well, I guess he showed enough by committing. I just hope he honors that commitment. I guess everyone has a reason for doing what they do. Some are legit and some aren’t. Some are head scratchers. Nonetheless, I hope that should he not sign tomorrow that he sticks with this class and signs in Feb.
there have been some encouraging comments from some of you that could give reason as to why he very may very well wait and sign in Feb. I hope he does.
Go Hogs:bangbang:

I haven’t said he is going to flip.

But I have said that not signing early leaves him the opportunity.

I just noticed on espnu that Devine Bush is Arkansas, I quess
that could change.